Lisa Lander

Coaching moms
who have a child with diabetes

Want help managing the worry, overwhelm, and exhaustion associated with diabetes?

I can help you move from diabetes survival mode to setting and achieving goals. You can take control of diabetes instead of diabetes controlling you!

It’s imperative we take time to intentionally think about how best to manage our thoughts about diabetes. I know your time is valuable but you can’t afford not to take time to set the GPS of your life. How incredible would it be to take your pain and turn it into power, to take the diagnosis and feel that since you can manage diabetes, you can manage anything?

Imagine waking up every day looking at blood sugar numbers, but not allowing those numbers to dictate the kind of day you are going to have?

Imagine not judging yourself over diabetes numbers or A1C values?

Imagine not feeling exhausted every day because of diabetes?

Let me help you! Click Here to schedule a FREE 30 minute session. It’s personal, confidential, one on one coaching and it’s life changing. Just let me know what time works for you.

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Sara H

Speaking with Lisa was an absolute pleasure. She has a calmness and a peace about her that you can’t help but absorb and a positive energy that stays with you. Lisa helped me learn to let go of the things I cannot control, and accept things I cannot change while focusing on my personal goals. She gave me tools and steps to take to break down any negative thoughts or anxieties that could delay me reaching my goals, and I still use them today. She is a phenomenal resource with an arsenal of knowledge, and best of all Lisa has a genuine passion for helping others.

Sara H.
Deb N

Lisa was recommended to me at a time in my life when there were several areas spiraling out of control. I’m a ‘fixer’ by nature. Being surrounded by this madness for months left me desperate for a change. I couldn’t even feel joy in things I loved to do. Lisa patiently helped me distinguish between circumstances and thoughts, and how changing the path of my thoughts could make a difference in my outlook.

Deb N.
Jane B

I have benefited from Lisa’s tremendous energy and ability to coach one to a better version of themselves! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to tame their ‘toddler’ brain and transform their thinking patterns on a new and positive path...she has the capacity to dive deep into your thoughts and reveal a more productive and positive way to view your life experiences. Love her!!

Jane B.