Welcome to Beyond Happy Type”one”derful Blog! A big hug to all my moms of T1D kids!

Today’s question is: What are the top three emotions you feel on a daily basis?

The top three emotions that drove my life forward were anger, fear and resentment.  They were the emotions I felt daily when I first became a T1D mom.  Looking back that’s exactly what I needed to feel. The only thing different now is that I would have felt them on purpose. I would have not felt like a victim in that I didn’t have a choice on what to feel.

There are times we want to feel negative emotion. There are times I choose negative emotion, but I do it intentionally. When I get a blood sugar alarm of 43 at 2 am and I can’t get ahold of my son. I feel fear and anxiety! However, I know it’s my thoughts that are driving that fear and anxiety and I try and manage those thoughts in a proactive way to me a better outcome. As a mom I know how precious life is and I just want to treasure it all – the good, the bad and yes the diabetes. In this life I want to feel the whole range of emotion.

The best analogy for me is that I’m at a cocktail party and there’s a silver tray of appetizers being carried around. I picture that tray as a silver tray of “emotions” and from that tray I get to pick whichever emotion I want.

Step 1 is to notice….What’s on your silver tray of “emotions?”

Mine consisted of burdened, inadequate and victimized. Now that I understand that my thoughts are what create my emotions and I have the power to choose – I feel empowered, grateful and curious. These are my top three emotions but being a mom of a T1D son (and husband) I feel the whole range of emotions daily. 

Step 2 is to remind yourself daily that your child having diabetes is a circumstance and is strictly neutral. 

Your child having diabetes only becomes positive or negative when I have a thought about it. (see Blog 1) After years of coaching myself and being coached I manage my thinking and thus my emotions. Our circumstances cause a thought (unintentional or intentional) and that thought causes a feeling.

Step 3 is to perhaps pick a few emotions off that silver tray that you’d like to feel on purpose. 

Today as you go through your day, begin noticing what thoughts and feelings your brain is choosing. Notice what your default thoughts are…what your brain has been thinking without you taking charge. S

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  1. I am not a mom of a T2D child, however, benefited from Lisa’s tremendous energy and ability to coach one to a better version of themselves! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to tame their ‘toddler’ brain and transform their thinking patterns on a new and positive path…she has the capacity to dive deep into your thoughts and reveal a more productive and positive way to view your life experiences. Love her!!

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks so much for your kind comments. You were the best client in that you took what you learned every week and applied it to your life. I love that you found the sessions helpful and remember we all have to continually tame our “toddler” brain. I appreciate your recommendation!

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