Guess What?

Diabetes isn’t a problem…
it’s an opportunity!

Hi I’m Lisa.

I’m just like YOU.
I have a child with diabetes.

I thought diabetes was going to be a lifelong problem!

I never believed that diabetes could be an opportunity to create a life full of joy and happiness. How about you? 

What do you believe?

After diagnosis I lived as a victim of diabetes. My day was dictated by blood sugar numbers. It was simple but not easy. 

I was happy if blood sugar numbers were within range and I was unhappy if they weren’t

My life and my happiness was hijacked by diabetes overnight.

That was the truth. There was nothing I could do about the diagnosis. I was too busy taking blood sugars, ordering supplies, and managing school issues to take charge of anything. I had to live with diabetes. Plain and simple. I was destined to live a very different life than I imagined.

But was it the truth? Was there nothing I could do about the diagnosis? Could I ever envision a future that wasn’t dictated by diabetes? NO!

My life was controlled by What Ifs…

What if his insulin pump stopped working? What if he seized? What if the school nurse wasn’t paying attention? What if I gave him too much insulin? What if I didn’t bolus enough? What if he never went to college? What if he was socially isolated because of diabetes?

There were always so many What ifs…

They consumed me. I lived day to day…blood sugar to blood sugar. I wanted a new “What if”…I wondered “What if it was truly a privilege to be a mom of a child with diabetes?”. I wanted that to be true. I wanted to be proud of having a child with diabetes. I had four children, a life I had loved, and wanted it back.

I wanted to take back my life and my power. I wanted to take control over the anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion.

I grieved my “old” life. Do you grieve your life before diagnosis? I believed I was destined to live a life very different than I had imagined. One that would always be filled with struggle. But I found out that just wasn’t true. I didn’t have to live a life that was dependent on my child’s A1C or on a blood sugar number.

I realized that it was my negative thinking about diabetes that gave me the results I had in my life.

Once I understood that my ability to take control over diabetes was only dependent on my thinking, it all made sense. I had convinced myself that diabetes was in charge and I used diabetes as an excuse to not show up in my life. It turned out that it was my thinking about diabetes, that was in charge.

The best news was that if my thinking was in charge, and not diabetes, I could regain control. I couldn’t change the diagnosis but I could change my thinking.

The best thing I learned was that I could be in control. What….???? How could I be in control? There were so many variables. I could take control over my thinking about it all. My thinking dictated my life. Diabetes did not dictate my life.

If you want to start taking control over the anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion, let’s get started working together. I want to revolutionize the way moms look at a diabetes diagnosis. I want everyone to be struck by our resolve to not let diabetes define us, our children, or our families.

Let me help you! Click Here to schedule a FREE 30 minute session. It’s personal, confidential, one on one coaching and it’s life changing. Just let me know what time works for you.

Let’s Get Started:

I’ve worked with many clients who have followed my program and stopped allowing diabetes to dictate their lives. If you are a mom who could use some help gaining confidence after your child is diagnosed with diabetes, I would love to help. I know your struggles and have tools that can help you create new results in your life.

Want help taking control of how diabetes impacts your life? There is a life where diabetes and blood sugar numbers don’t impact every aspect of your day. I can help you build that life. Grab a spot on my calendar and spend 30 minutes chatting with me on the phone. I’ll share some of my tools and help you manage some of your anxiety and start setting goals.

Let’s find out what you are CAPABLE of...

Sign up to chat with me. It’s personal, confidential, one-on-one coaching. Schedule a 30 minute session today!



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Sara H

Speaking with Lisa was an absolute pleasure. She has a calmness and a peace about her that you can’t help but absorb and a positive energy that stays with you. Lisa helped me learn to let go of the things I cannot control, and accept things I cannot change while focusing on my personal goals. She gave me tools and steps to take to break down any negative thoughts or anxieties that could delay me reaching my goals, and I still use them today. She is a phenomenal resource with an arsenal of knowledge, and best of all Lisa has a genuine passion for helping others.

Sara H.
Deb N

Lisa was recommended to me at a time in my life when there were several areas spiraling out of control. I’m a ‘fixer’ by nature. Being surrounded by this madness for months left me desperate for a change. I couldn’t even feel joy in things I loved to do. Lisa patiently helped me distinguish between circumstances and thoughts, and how changing the path of my thoughts could make a difference in my outlook.

Deb N.
Jane B

I have benefited from Lisa’s tremendous energy and ability to coach one to a better version of themselves! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to tame their ‘toddler’ brain and transform their thinking patterns on a new and positive path...she has the capacity to dive deep into your thoughts and reveal a more productive and positive way to view your life experiences. Love her!!

Jane B.