EASE vs. EVOLVING with Diabetes

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Do you ever want to choose a path of ease?

Choosing ease is a misconception when having a child with diabetes. Diabetes involves always balancing insulin and managing numbers. It may seem that you might have a choice but ease is never totally obtainable. Never totally comfortable.

Evolving on the other hand doesn’t feel comfortable either, any time change is required, it is rarely comfortable. It take courage to challenge some of your old beliefs to move forward. It takes courage to manage blood sugar levels of your child.

When you start to evolve there is something in you deep down that knows and can feel that it’s right. That the struggle is worth it. There’s a pull that gets your started, and then there’s a lot of work.

In order to evolve into the next best version of yourself, you’re going to have to struggle. I struggled, but it was worth it.

 If your main goal in life is to be comfortable and at ease all of the time, it is going to be very hard for you to evolve and create new results. Evolving and comfort, usually don’t go hand in hand.

Ask yourself if you are seeking ease, comfort, safety, and security or are you seeking to evolve? There’s no right or wrong answer. No judgement. Just know your intention for yourself.

If you are choosing to evolve and set a stretch goal, that’s the moment your brain kick in and give you every reason why it’s a bad idea.

Your brain will tell you all the reasons that you shouldn’t do it and bring up all the doubts and fears. Your reason why you want to evolve needs to be compelling enough to get through all of the doubts and fears your brain brings up.

When you expect to be uncomfortable and you expect to have fear the change is managed from a place of power instead of powerless. As you evolve, it will become less and less uncomfortable. But in the beginning, plan for the discomfort.

Discomfort is the price of evolving and when it comes to diabetes, discomfort is the price of taking charge of diabetes instead of diabetes taking charge of you.

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DIABETES and Setting Boundaries

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Have you ever needed to set a “boundary” on your relationship with someone regarding diabetes?

I’d like to begin by saying that most people use boundaries improperly. Most people think that saying no is a boundary, but there’s more to a boundary than that.

Actually a boundary is saying no and then following it up with a clear action as to what you will do if the boundary is crossed again. Saying no and threatening someone or telling them how they should behave is NOT a boundary.

When it comes to being a mom who has a child with diabetes there were many times that I felt the need for a boundary, but I often used the word “boundary” improperly. Every time I felt offended or was upset with someone about their comment in regards to diabetes I would want to set a boundary…limit them.

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DIABETES: Therapy vs Life Coaching

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Do you know the main differences between Therapy and Coaching?

Some painful experiences and traumas that happen in our pasts require therapy in order for us to heal and move on in our lives. Others do not require us to go into the past to be solved. I think it’s important for us to understand some of the differences between therapy and life coaching.

Therapists in general work in a regulated industry, and that’s a huge difference between life coaches and therapists. Therapists are regulated.

Life coaching is an unregulated industry. I think this is a beautiful thing for life coaches because we have the freedom to be able to coach in a the way we want. But we also have a huge responsibility to monitor ourselves in terms of our own ethics, professionalism, and boundaries.

Most therapy is usually diagnostic based: therapists will diagnose a nonfunctioning problem that needs to be solved.

Coaching typically takes someone who is already high functioning to the next level.

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: How do you feel when you hope for something?

Hope is one of those emotions that sounds good and positive, but when you check in with how you actually feel, you’ll find out that hope doesn’t serve you. Think about what action hope inspires?

The problem is hope doesn’t inspire action. Hope is passive. Hope crosses its fingers. Hope often has us reject the present moment in exchange for some possible future moment that will be better. Hope takes the action out of our lives and leaves us waiting and wanting.

When you hope for a good A1C or when you hope blood sugar numbers are within the range you’ve set, you aren’t feeling in control. Hope comes from waiting to see what your future holds, instead of creating your future on purpose.

We believe we will wake up tomorrow, but we don’t believe that we can control the anxiety and worry created by diabetes. We don’t allow ourselves to believe having a child with diabetes can exist without anxiety and worry. We don’t commit to believing. We hope but hope leaves us waiting and wanting without responsibility.

I’ve heard moms say, “I hope this all works out.” Whether it works out or not depends on your interpretation of what happens. Believing something like, “I hope this works out” is very different from, “I am committed to making this work out.”

We use hope as a way of not asking much of ourselves. We shouldn’t passively hope for things to be different by some external changes in the world or our circumstances changing.

When we hope for peace, we prevent ourselves from feeling peace now. When we hope for less anxiety and worry about diabetes, we prevent ourselves from feeling it now. Why do we hope for less anxiety and worry, if we can already have it?  When you’re a mom who takes control over diabetes, you can bring your own peace. You don’t need to hope for it, you don’t need to wait for it.

Giving up hope is the ultimate in taking responsibility. Instead of hoping life hands you what you want, you go and get it. I want you to go get it because here’s the difference.

If you go get it, then you build up your capability. You build up your capacity. You build up your confidence.

Then you know you can go get it again.

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DIABETES and How to Manage Toxic People!

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Are there any toxic people in your life?

Are there people who constantly ask annoying questions about diabetes or constantly judge you for your management of diabetes, in your life? Would you consider them toxic?

Guess what? There is no such thing as a toxic person! When my son was newly diagnosed I used to think of some people in my life as toxic, but think about what the word “toxic” means. It means poisonous.

Unless you are literally breathing in or ingesting another person, which I seriously doubt you are, there is no such thing as a toxic person. People are not poisonous.

You are just merely in the presence of someone. Thinking about someone as toxic, as poisonous, is not useful. It does not help you. It actually gives them so much power over you, but no one can poison your or be toxic to you in this way. No one is that powerful.

This is fantastic news. These are people who trigger thinking in your brain. You can change that thinking and take control over your own thoughts and not allow others’ comments or actions to control your emotions.

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DIABETES and how to CREATE an EMOTION you want!

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Does having a child with DIABETES create a sense of fear in you?

It did for me. What emotion does diabetes create in your life? Do you feel like you are in control of your emotions? I didn’t feel in control for the longest time…but guess what? The best thing is that every emotion is created by a thought….your thought.

So NO PROBLEM if you’re feeling unmotivated or uninspired…if you need an emotion, whether it be excitement, motivation, or inspiration, you can create it. WHAT???  That’s crazy right?

The foundation is that all emotions are created by a thought. So whatever emotion you are feeling now is created by a thought. Ask yourself what you want to feel instead??? Then decide what you need to think and believe in order to create the emotion you want.

Thoughts either create positive emotion or create negative emotion. They are OPTIONAL. What emotion do you want to create in your life?

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: What does your inner dialogue say about diabetes?

Are there times that your inner dialogue about diabetes is upsetting? Are there times that your inner thoughts about diabetes seem to have a mind of their own? Do they seem to be on default mode and continue around this negative loop?

Are you even aware that you have an inner dialogue about diabetes that isn’t serving you?

Do you have a inner dialogue that runs on default mode? For me it was barely noticeable. That dialogue was just so embedded in my brain that I wasn’t even aware that it was negative.  I just noticed that the results in my life were not the ones I wanted. So what’s a mom to do to change that inner dialogue about a disease that has changed so much of her life?

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Have you ever awakened in the morning and had a negative thought about diabetes?

When you wake up and your thoughts about diabetes are instantly negative, it is an unconscious habit and pattern of feeling. I remember the days that my thought pattern was to wake up and instantly think negative thoughts about diabetes. I used to think about everything that could go wrong with blood sugars, school, soccer games, sleep overs, you get the picture.

When you wake up, what is your first thought? What immediately comes to mind for you about diabetes?

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes

Today’s question is: Do you think your life is limited because of diabetes?

Have you ever thought of how limits happen? How do limits come to be? Do you know that limits are a construct of our thoughts? Limits are something we impose on ourselves.

If you were like me…all of my thoughts, after diagnosis, went to all of the things we would no longer be able to do as a family.  Also my thoughts went to what he would not be able to do in his life. My thoughts created limits for him. What are your prevailing thoughts? Are they limiting?

Why does our brain automatically go to negative thoughts? Why does our brain in default mode go to limiting thoughts? It’s our primitive brain that takes over. It’s that our primitive brain is programmed to avoid pain, seek pleasure and conserve energy. 

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Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow moms who have a child with diabetes!

I am so happy to be part of this community and to be surrounded by such inspiring women. Spending time with all of you is surely being immersed in a culture of courage! To give back to all of you who have given me so much strength!

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