Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Is your life just happening to you or are you planning the results you want?

I was going to title this Planning Your Life but it didn’t express how I feel about planning. The power of planning is evident in my clients’ lives – thus the title. The best news is that you get to plan your life.  Your life does not just happen to you, unless you live your life on default mode.

You get to design the GPS of your own life. You get to decide where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, how often you want to stop, how far you want to go…you get to plan all of it.

I understood it intellectually, until my son was diagnosed with diabetes.  I became was so overwhelmed that I let my life move forward on default. I believed it was easiest, if I just sailed along. There was so much to learn and so many things to consider having a child with diabetes that planning my life was not even on my radar.

However, there came a day when I realized that my life was moving forward whether or not I took charge of it. Planning my life and the results I wanted would have to be a conscious choice. It would take time and it would require me to be uncomfortable if I wanted the big goals I started dreaming about.

The first step is awareness. Just be aware that you get to choose which direction you want your life to go. If you’re the one responsible for planning it, you will have to make a decisions to take charge, plan it and take full responsibility for it.

It means no more blaming diabetes, no more being a victim of diabetes, and no more letting life happen to you.

  1. Plan for your outcome, the result you want in your life, by writing it out.
  2. Break it down into manageable chunks.
  3. Write down all the obstacles you anticipate for why you can’t achieve it.
  4. Turn all the obstacles into to-do items.
  5. Put those to-do items in order of execution.
  6. Then put them all on your calendar.
  7. Every day honor your calendar and commitment to yourself.

Remember energy drain comes from indecision and lack of planning. Making decisions provides relief. Being in indecision creates agitation, anxiousness, and all sorts of negative emotions. So many of us don’t make decisions, plans or move into action, and that indecision drains more and more of our energy.

As soon as you make a plan, you will know exactly what to do. Once it’s on your calendar, the decision will have been made. Then you will have more energy to proceed to get the life you dream of.

Many times we don’t make a decision because we are not sure, and we think we need to take more time. Indecision pretends to be responsible, but really, it’s just procrastination. All it does is burn you out and wear you down then when you finally make the decision, it’s usually the decision you would have made in the beginning anyway.

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: What do you do when you forgive someone?

I’ve had many comments and questions about my blog last week about forgiveness that I thought it would be helpful to go a bit more in depth on how to forgive. Remember, it’s a process. It takes time and regardless of what happened, you have to want to let go of the anger and resentment.

Wanting to let go of the anger and resentment is essential since you need a compelling reason why you want to forgive. Without a compelling reason you can act like you’ve forgiven but it just isn’t believable. If your brain doesn’t have a reason, it won’t forgive.

I know…I had a sister-in-law that I needed to forgive. Perhaps it’s your mother-in-law, your neighbor, or best friend…whoever it is – believe me…you need a reason to forgive. You need to visual a result you want that is better than anger and resentment.

For me it was to show my children and family that unconditional love trumps all. It was a way for me to let go and show love. It felt amazing. The reason it felt amazing was that I had been coached on it and had no expectation that her behavior would change just because I forgave. We don’t get to decide what the other person will do. We can only control how WE think, feel, and act.

Actions are driven by our feelings, so you will need to explore what feeling will drive the action you want. It is important to understand that the feeling will be the driver of the forgiveness. We all do things in our life because of a feeling we want or a feeling we don’t want. Are you driven by feeling anger and resentment or are you driven by love and understanding?

It’s your choice. YEP…our feelings are optional. It’s not easy to choose love, but it is totally worth it. If you choose to forgive from a place of understanding and from a place of being free, it’s empowering. You get to choose love, regardless of the situation.

Often clients think that forgiving and choosing love means that you are supporting and condoning what happened. That isn’t the case. Choosing love is about your ability to love. Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t say anything about the other person’s ability to love.

If someone doesn’t love you, it is only a reflection of their inability to love, not your inability to be loved.

You can only control your response to what happened and what is powerful is that love is always available. You may not be ready to choose love. You get to choose that. You get to choose when you’re ready to let go of the anger and resentment, but know it’s always available.

Visualizing the result you want…perhaps it’s peace in your life, perhaps it’s feeling love, perhaps it’s freedom from negativity…whatever the reason, choose the result you want, embrace it and work on what action you need to do to get that result.

I choose unconditional love. I choose to continue giving hugs, to continue inviting, to continue to think kind things…that felt good for me. Not initially…it was a process. It feels good to now have those feelings.

Understand that if someone is rude or ignorant about your child’s diabetes you can still choose love and understanding. Remember it’s always an option. You get to choose!

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you feel anger or resentment on a daily basis?

Anger and resentment surely don’t make us happy regardless of how justified we think they are. So how do we not feel that way? Forgiveness? What is forgiveness, anyhow? Forgiveness is a verb that means to stop feeling angry or resentment toward someone for an offense, flaw, or a mistake. The only thing forgiveness requires is that you stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone.

The truth is you only need to forgive someone when you want to stop feeling angry or resentful. Sounds easy, right? No it’s not.

Most people do not forgive other people because they WANT to feel angry and resentful. A lot of people think that when they feel angry and resentful towards someone, the other person somehow experiences it. It’s not true.

The other person does NOT experience your emotion. They only experience their own interpretation of your behavior. The only thing required of you to forgive someone is to change how you feel. If you think not forgiving someone is somehow serving you, and hurting THEM, you have it absolutely backwards.

Why do you feel anger? Why do you feel resentment? The reason you feel anything is because of how you think. Your thoughts create your feelings. The circumstances of your life cannot touch your feelings because they are protected by your thoughts.

Whatever it is that the person did or did not do is a circumstance. It is totally neutral. It’s only your thought about that thing that makes it negative (or positive). That’s why you feel angry or resentful. It’s because of the thought you have about it.

Most of us (me included) take our circumstances and think horrible thoughts that create horrible feelings, instead of taking circumstances and thinking thoughts that serve us. Being angry and resentful seems righteous. It seems we have a right to feel that way because of what happened. Remember that you cannot make another person feel an emotion, so you are the only one generating that feeling of anger or resentment.

Most of the time letting go of the anger and resentment will set you free. It will allow you to grow. So how do you stop feeling anger and resentment? You change your thoughts about the situation because thoughts always create your feelings…no exception.

That person does not have to do anything for you to feel better, or for you to forgive them. You have the total power to feel better, to forgive.

Forgiveness is about how your feel, not about how you behave. This is a huge difference. It doesn’t matter how kind you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve told them that you forgive them. That is not forgiveness. You know you’ve forgiven someone based on the way you FEEL.

As I’ve learned about forgiveness and applied it to the people in my life, I’ve also been able to forgive myself for everything that I was loathing myself for. When you can forgive yourself for being yourself, you can stop feeling guilty. You can stop feeling anger toward yourself. You can stop feeling resentment toward yourself.

Are you willing to consider a life where there’s never a need to forgive? It doesn’t mean that you don’t put up boundaries. All it means is you give up being angry and resentful. That’s the gift you can give yourself.

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DIABETES and that Perpetual Cycle

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Have you fallen into a cycle of feeling bad about yourself?

A perpetual cycle of negative thoughts and emotions can be classified as self-loathing. An easy way to diagnose self-loathing in yourself is to notice your thoughts when you look in the mirror or at a photo of yourself.

A consistent barrage of negative thoughts causing feelings of inadequacy or shame might indicate self-loathing.

Years ago every time I took a blood sugar and the number wasn’t in range I would feel like a mom who just couldn’t keep it all under control. A mom who was responsible for everything when it came to diabetes. If something outside my control (and diabetes has so many variables that control numbers) took blood sugar numbers too high or too low I would blame myself. The pressure was stressful and did not serve me.

Now every time I look at a blood sugar number I look at it as feedback. It’s just a number and I get to choose what it means about me. It means I’m a good mom doing my best.

Increase your awareness by noticing how you think about yourself in various situations. When you’re in a relationship, when you’re at work, when you’re hanging with friends, what is your opinion about yourself?

Your opinion of yourself will determine how you feel and what you do, which will either increase or decrease the evidence you’re using to justify judging and blaming yourself.

A lot of time, when we think there’s something wrong with us, we think that’s just an observation. We think that we aren’t a good mom because the A1C value is not what we want. Guess what the A1C value is just a number, it’s positive or negative depending on what we think. It’s an optional thought.

Can you come up with 12 things you appreciate about yourself? The harder this is, the more important it is to try. It can feel like a struggle at first, but remember this: you get good at what you practice.

If it’s hard to come up with 12 it just means you need more practice. At first, you may come up with just 5 things, then maybe 7. Each time you will get a few more than the last time. Keep practicing. You will get better at it.

Decide on purpose what you want to think when you think about you.

Remember practice makes you better at whatever you practice. If you practice saying negative things to yourself you will get better at that. If you practice being kind to yourself, you will get better at that.

Practice appreciating yourself. It’s the opposite of judging yourself. Try a little self-gratitude.

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DIABETES and Success vs. Happiness

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Are you striving for the happiness that comes after diabetes is under control, or after there’s a “cure”?

If so, you may be striving for a long time because…Guess what?

You are basing happiness on something outside yourself. You are chasing happiness.

Why not choose happiness now, no matter what? Why do you have to attain something to be happy? Perhaps if you were to choose to be happy now you would allow more space in your life to be successful.

What do I mean by that?

How do you define happiness for yourself? How do you define success?

Google states that success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, an attainment of popularity or profit, a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.”

Happiness is defined as a “feeling of contentment, delight or being pleased.”

If success is the accomplishment of an aim, then be sure your aim is specific. If it’s vague and you don’t have clear definition of success it will be very difficult to obtain. If it’s a A1C number then remember when you get to that number happiness just doesn’t arrive. Since success isn’t interchangeable with happiness.

Many of my clients are successful but not happy. Their children have the A1C they’ve worked hard to get. Why aren’t they happy? They postponed the feeling happiness until they reached an A1C then realized that happiness is just caused by a thought. They still didn’t have a good thought about diabetes regardless of their A1C.

I’m hoping you realized that you don’t have to postpone feeling happiness until you are “successful” or reach a certain A1C.

It’s so not necessary.

Try success and happiness, side by side. Or happiness first, but never the other way around. Never success first happiness second.

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DIABETES and Productivity

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you feel productive in your life?

What is productivity, anyhow? The definition says it’s measured in terms of rate of output per unit. So even though that sounds like a manufacturing term, I think it relates to anything you are trying to produce in your life. This applies to us moms who have a child with diabetes.

Productivity does not refer to how much or how hard you work. It doesn’t refer to how busy you are, and it doesn’t refer to how stressed you are. All of that is irrelevant. So if your goal is to have some extra time, you’ll need to get more work done in less time to do that…and in order to do that you are going to have to manage your mind.

It doesn’t mean you need more hours in a day – that’s just not possible. What is possible is that you manage your mind so you have a clear vision of why you want that extra time, of why you want to be more efficient. You will never be more efficient without a reason why.

Producing results in your life creates more motivation, momentum, and energy and might I might add more time (if that’s possible). If all you are doing is putting tons of effort, stress, and busy time in and you’re not being productive, that effort and energy will wear you down and make you tired.

We only do things in our life because of the emotion we want to feel. The best emotions to generate (yes, we can generate emotions) in order to be productive are efficient, focused, and clear. Feeling clear initially does not mean your to-do-list is clear – it means the goal is perfectly clear. Most wasted effort comes from allowing yourself to indulge in worry and confusion about what your goal is.

With your goal clear here are the action steps to make productivity easier.

  1. Plan before you take action. Starting faster doesn’t get it done faster if you don’t have a plan.
  2. Give yourself a time limit. You cannot produce at a high level if you want to be a perfectionist. Allow for B- work.
  3. Clean up your thinking. Take five to ten minutes at the beginning of each day to clean up your negative thinking about what you’re going to produce.

When you follow this process, plan ahead of time, give yourself a time limit, stop indulging in perfectionism, and clean up your thinking first, your productivity will soar.

Step back and take a look at your own productivity and figure out what it is you want to produce. I wanted to produce a refined plan for ordering diabetic supplies. I researched ways to reorder online, ways to set up alerts for when I need to confirm orders (we all know how important it is to get insulin on time).

When you decide what you want to produce – remember that it doesn’t have to be some big, huge thing in the world. It can just be, “I want to spend 30 minutes a week reading (yes, a week)” or “I want to write in my journal once a week” – it’s doesn’t have to be “I want to organize my whole house” or anything like that.

What is it that you want to produce in your life? Produce as much as you can in a way that fuels you instead of wearing you out. A diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t have to wear you out. You want to switch from consuming all the time, which will wear you out, to producing.

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DIABETES and the GPS of your LIFE

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Have you taken time to design your future?

When it comes to diabetes we prioritize all of our diabetes to do lists. We make appointments, we test blood sugars, we get blood work, we order insulin and supplies, among all of the other aspects that need managing with a child who has diabetes. But do we manage our emotional health? Do we consciously decide what results we want in our life?

Managing a child who has diabetes can be exhausting and overwhelming! It’s essential that we prioritize keeping track of how we are feeling. We have a higher incident of clinical depression and what’s now called diabetes distress.

How do we help ourselves? How do we make sure we become aware of changes in our emotional health? How do we not go through life blaming diabetes for everything that goes wrong? How do we avoid burnout?

For me…I found a life coach! I learned some tools that I apply to my life every day. I apply them daily and take full responsibility for my life. Is it easy…no but it’s worth it. It’s been worth it to have control of the results in my life.

I continue to talk it out with my coach. I continue to work very hard to not get caught up in my to do lists. It’s definitely more comfortable for me to just keep busy and not plan my life. It’s easy to let life just pull me along and not consciously make decisions that include personal growth.

I continue to remind myself that diabetes is an opportunity to be stronger. I continue to remind myself that there’s a reason why on an airplane we are told to put our oxygen mask on first, if there’s an emergency. Living with diabetes means that “self-care” is not just in case of emergencies. Self-care should be prioritized every day.

Self-care and being coached is not just a way that I grow but it’s a way for me to show my family  that prioritizing themselves is essential to a balanced and fulfilled life. Making a commitment to yourself and showing up every week to monitor the GPS of your life is an incredible gift to yourself.

How can you possibly get where you want to go in this life if you don’t take time to explore what you want your future to look like? Let me help you explore what you want your future to look like and then design a life to get you to that future.

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Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Have you used your child’s diabetes diagnosis to build your strength as a mom?

Anti-fragility is one of those hot topics right now. I’ve heard it mentioned in three different podcasts this week.  It’s the ability to become stronger from a difficult situation. It’s taking a diagnosis of diabetes and allowing it to make you fierce, strong, better.

It’s not just becoming resilient. It’s better than that. It’s not just being accepting of the diagnosis. It’s utilizing the diagnosis as an opportunity to make your stronger. Wait…is that even an option? Can we be empowered by something that changes your life so drastically?

The answer is….YES!  There are three different responses to the diagnosis of diabetes. The first is one of being fragile. It is one that you allow diabetes to take control over your life. It’s one that leaves you with the feeling of being easily broken and wanting to avoid any new risks. The second one is of being robust.  It’s standing up to diabetes. It’s using power to resist the diagnosis and stand tall despite the diagnosis. The third one is to be anti-fragile (the new term is anti-fragility). 

Anti-fragile is to utilize the diagnosis of diabetes to grow stronger – not in spite of the diagnosis but because of the diagnosis. Being anti-fragile allows you to get good at overcoming obstacles, problem solving, and strengthening yourself.

Anti-fragile should not be confused with lacking compassion or not caring about diabetes. It’s the opposite. It’s allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions that come from a diagnosis of diabetes. It’s being open to all of it because you can handle it.

What if the diagnosis of diabetes is an opportunity to strengthen you in a way that would never have happened without the diagnosis? What if you approached every day from a place of curiosity and strength?

Perhaps you are like I was. I let the challenges of diabetes overcome me. I told myself I was too tired. I told myself that diabetes was just too hard. I used diabetes as a reason to be a victim – as a reason to be fragile – and I believed that was my only choice.

Then I began coaching myself. I taught myself some very important tools. I started to utilized my struggle with diabetes as a way to be a better mom, as a way to empower my son to be unstoppable, as a way to propel our lives forward.

Believing you have options on how your show up and on how you think about diabetes is the first step to moving from being fragile. Moving from fragile will mean understanding you will not break, you will not be defeated, you will not be broken. It will allow you to build strength. Moving out of fragility will be uncomfortable since you will take full responsibility of your life and no longer be a victim of diabetes.

You can use your child’s diagnosis of diabetes as fuel to fortify yourself, to fortify your child with a skill set that will permit both of you to overcome obstacles in life that you never thought possible.

Continue to challenge yourself and the thoughts you have about diabetes. Continue to utilize those challenges as opportunities to get stronger. Continue to accept all of the blood sugar numbers and the A1C values as feedback to make you the best possible mom ever.

Why not add anti-fragile to a list of characteristics you possess?

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DIABETES and the Process of CHANGE

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you struggle with making positive changes in your life?

It’s human nature to struggle with change…right?  Why do we struggle with change? It’s because our brains like the status quo. Our brains like to keep doing what we are doing. It’s comfortable! Our brains don’t like to be uncomfortable even if it’s for the best. Even if change is good for us.

The process of change involves first thinking about the thing in your life that isn’t working or something that isn’t yet what you want it to be.  For me it was allowing blood sugar numbers to control how I felt. Then write about what’s not working – be specific.

Then ask yourself, “What am I doing that’s creating the result that’s not working?”

Taking responsibility for the results in your life is a really important part of the process of change. I just blamed diabetes – that was the easy thing.  Why change when I could just be a victim of diabetes? I finally realized I wanted more control over of how I felt and no longer wanted to blame diabetes.

I have written about “The Model” in previous blogs.  It’s the basis of taking charge of your life. It’s a way to personal growth and setting goals. It’s changed my life and made the process of change powerful.

The Model is made up of a Circumstance (anything outside of your control – diabetes diagnosis) which leads to a thought (in your control and optional) which triggers a feeling (emotional response to the thought).  The feeling leads us to take action, which gives you the results in your life.

What’s not working is the result you are having. Ask yourself what are you doing to create that result. For me the result of constantly being upset by blood sugar numbers was created by the action that I was obsessed with having blood sugar numbers in range. That was triggered by a feeling and thought that I needed them to be perfect or I was a failure. I was harming my child.

What’s next is to decide what result you want instead. Ask yourself what is the exact action you need to take to get that result. For me the result I wanted was to see a blood sugar that wasn’t in range and not to let that number control my day.  This new result needed to start with thought that blood sugar numbers were just feedback. The feeling to follow was one of being capable. Capable of managing the number I saw. The action then was to find a solution to managing the blood sugar number. The result was exactly what I wanted – to not let the blood sugar number control my day. Instead I felt powerful.

Now you have two complete models. One is where you are, and one is where you want to be. The gap or space between the two Models is called “the river of misery” because the process of change is very uncomfortable.

When you are in the river, you have to pay attention, be deliberate, and be uncomfortable. Your mind will always prefer to think and pattern the most familiar Model. Whichever Model you focus on is the reality you’ll create. Remember to be kind to yourself in the river of misery.

The key to activating the new Model – the new result – is to practice feeling the feeling you need for the new result. For me it was a feeling of being capable.

When you visualize yourself already there in the second Model, you start to feel that new Model. You start to be that new Model, and when that happens, you create the new result. I began visualizing my day. I visualized seeing a blood sugar number out of range, understood that as feedback and took action.  No drama, no allowing it to upset me.

I want to encourage you to mentally rehearse the new Model every single day. Practice the thought. Practice the feeling, the way you want to feel to create that emotion you want to create. For me it was a feeling of being capable, one of letting go of being a victim.

Keep practicing. Keep going forward until your new Model is effortless. Give yourself at least a half an hour a day to think and create your life deliberately. Practice achieving results.

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DIABETES and Emotional Manipulation

Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you allow others to manipulate your emotions?

What is emotional manipulation, anyway? It’s the attempt to control how someone feels by manipulations what they think and believe. Ultimately, the attempt to control how someone thinks and feels is also an attempt to control how they act because thoughts create feelings and therefore, actions.

When others comment on whether or not our children should have ice cream or candy, when they ask if they are able to play sports, when they make all of those little comments about diabetes, we have the power to accept them as our own or deny them. We have the power to ignore or educate, to act with kindness or anger or respond in any way of our choosing – but we should always be consciously choosing.

We are in charge of whether or not they manipulate our emotions. Others get to say whatever they want. However, we have the power to determine if what they say changes our emotions. Yes we are in charge, ALWAYS. Whether you take conscious control over your response is another question.

It’s essential to understand that no matter what anybody says to you, no matter what thoughts they offer you to think about diabetes, you are 100% in control of whether you believe or take on those thoughts.

Emotional manipulation is misused because it sounds like it’s possible. We are truly not able to manipulate other people’s emotions, and they are not able to manipulate our emotions without our cognitive consent (consciously or unconsciously).

The key is cognitive consent. Many people go through life without fully taking control of what they believe. When someone says something about diabetes and it changes the way you behave this is emotional manipulation. If you are unaware of how the mind works, and you aren’t consciously managing your mind, you will be susceptible to manipulation and much less powerful in your life.

When people are trying to emotionally manipulate you, whether they realize it or not, it helps to understand that they are coming from a place of disempowerment. They are trying to control you so they can feel better, feel more powerful, feel a certain way.

The way you’ll know that you’re “allowing yourself” to be emotionally manipulated is you will probably feel a lot of resentment, blame, and anger.

It’s important, when you start feeling those emotions in your relationships, to look at your role in believing thoughts others are using to try and emotionally manipulate you.

You are responsible for how you think and feel, and no one can emotionally manipulate you without your permission. When you decide on purpose what to believe in any relationship or interaction, it will set you free from giving or receive any emotional manipulation.

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