Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Do you think that having a T1D child makes you a superhero?

Does living life as a mom with a T1D child make you a superhero? Valid question, right? What do you think? What’s true? Well, I’d like to tell you that…the truth lies in what you believe. I used to believe that diabetes controlled me. I used to think that every high and every low pulled my puppet strings. I believed that diabetes had the superpower.

I know now that if I think I’m a SUPERHERO…I’m a superhero! I worked hard to take back control and save myself!

It was a mission worth taking on. How do you feel about the role of diabetes in your life? Would you like to be the superhero? I can share with you that it’s one of the best feelings in the world! I love the feeling of being a superhero!

You, too, can love that feeling of being a superhero!

I’m thinking that about now you are asking, “How?” since diabetes is so hard, diabetes takes so much time, diabetes can’t be cured (not yet)! Well, practice being the superhero. Embrace a new thought of you being a superhero!

Go to a place a year from now and what would it feel like if you were a superhero? Embrace that feeling!

Find that feeling inside you. For me it was a feeling of confidence, a feeling of being victorious, a feeling of being proud of myself! Pick one of the emotions that you would most need to feel like a superhero! Then make a very conscious effort to create that feeling inside you.

Feeling like a SUPERHERO is a gift you can give yourself!

Take a minute to think about what would make you feel like a superhero. Notice that it’s not the actual act of flying around, the act of saving cities and whole populations that makes you feel like a superhero – it’s a thought that creates that feeling! It’s a thought that I can do hard things, it’s a thought that I can take control over my life.

You might ask, “Don’t I have to do something first, change something, in order to be a superhero?” The only thing you need to change is your thought!

I’ve learned that when you feel like a superhero, you often take action that will bring you more of the feeling of confidence, being in charge, empowered. Remember that what is true is what you think is true!

Start thinking that you’re a superhero and start saving yourself!

Start taking control over your thoughts about blood sugars, teachers, 504’s, insurance issues, long term goals, and your happiness! I believe that as you develop your own superpowers, your family will notice, your T1D child will notice, and they will in turn become empowered.

They will learn to be inspired by diabetes and stop hating it and blaming it.

You don’t ever have to wait for someone else to think or believe you have superpowers! The only person that has to think or believe you have superpowers is you! Yours are the thoughts that matter! Yours are the thoughts that create your superpowers and make you a superhero!

Start today envisioning three superpowers you possess and start saving yourself! Start building your own castle, filled with empowering thoughts and breakthrough all of your limits!

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