Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: What do you do when diabetes anxiety shows up?

When anxiety begins to take hold in your body, you have two options. You can choose to notice it, watch it, and say to yourself, “Oh hello there, anxiety. I see you.”

Or you can choose to resist the anxiety, try to change it, or ignore it. Which do you do when diabetes anxiety shows up in your day?

When we push against anxiety, we tense up and feel worse. That was my go to initially upon diagnosis. I would resist it all. The other option is to ignore it. I did this, too. I was trying so hard to not to have it impact my life that I didn’t actually gain any mastery over it.

However, when I learned to quietly watch my anxiety, I learned how to breathe deeply into it. Inhaling into the deepest part of my belly, and then really concentrating on exhaling.

Do you know what exhaling can do? It can set you up to breathe better. It can set you up to realize that anxiety is just pretending to be necessary. Is diabetes anxiety even necessary?

I thought it was just part of the diagnosis. Diabetes and anxiety went together. But noticing I was feeling anxious was the first step to managing it. It helped when I realized when I was feeling anxious. I understood that anxiety was just a vibration, caused by my thoughts, and it couldn’t hurt me. That is unless I denied having it and then I’m sure it could have health consequences.

However, understanding anxiety is just an emotion allows me to gain power over it.  But…my brain would have me believe otherwise. It would have be believe that I was going to die unless I managed everything perfectly.

Guess what? It won’t. The best thing about anxiety is that it’s best understood through acceptance and breathing.

Anxiety will have you believe that every bolus could be a life or death decision. Anxiety will yell, “this could be the end of the world,” when all we really have to do is to maintain our decision making process and continue to be aware, learn, and grow.

Did you know that you can practice being in control of your anxiety? This is such a good exercise to try if you experience anxiety regularly. Give yourself 10 minutes a day to worry. Really worry. During that time, try and actually increase your anxiety. See if you can make it bigger and worse. It’s counterintuitive, but when we can make it worse, we see that we are in control over it.

Once we realize we can increase it, we learn that we can also decrease it. That’s magical.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow moms who have a child with diabetes!

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