Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: What does your inner dialogue say about diabetes?

Are there times that your inner dialogue about diabetes is upsetting? Are there times that your inner thoughts about diabetes seem to have a mind of their own? Do they seem to be on default mode and continue around this negative loop?

Are you even aware that you have an inner dialogue about diabetes that isn’t serving you?

Do you have a inner dialogue that runs on default mode? For me it was barely noticeable. That dialogue was just so embedded in my brain that I wasn’t even aware that it was negative.  I just noticed that the results in my life were not the ones I wanted. So what’s a mom to do to change that inner dialogue about a disease that has changed so much of her life?

The first step is AWARENESS!

The first step to changing your inner dialogue about diabetes is to become aware of what that dialogue is saying. Just being aware of what your brain is telling you on a daily basis about diabetes is the key to taking control over diabetes.

I know that for me I finally became aware of the non-stop loop that ran in my head and started thinking there must be more to life than diabetes chaos all day – the worry, overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, along with blood sugars, insulin, boluses, carb ratios to name only a few.

It was like I could never turn diabetes off, nor did I want to. I realized I just wanted to be in control of diabetes instead of feeling like diabetes was in control of me. I knew that once I could articulate what I wanted, I could figure out how to change my thoughts to get it.

The second step is UNDERSTANDING that you have a choice on how you think about diabetes.

After awareness, it’s important to realize you have a choice. Yes a choice! A choice of how you think about diabetes. That negative loop is just a sentence that has been programed in your brain. Your brain needs to be programed with a new sentence, a new thought, a new loop that serves you. One that allows you to get the results in your life you’ve dreamed of…

The third step is to take some time to think about WHAT RESULTS YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE that you don’t have now.

This is essential. When I finally realized that my child having diabetes was a circumstance and totally neutral, my life changed. It was just my thoughts about diabetes that made it negative. That was great news. I had the power to change my thoughts, but to which thoughts? I picked one thought.

The thought that served me was that diabetes was exactly what my family needed. I started believing that diabetes was an opportunity for my family to learn how to overcome obstacles. I knew that we could all become stronger because of diabetes.

I no longer run on default mode. I no longer run on survival mode. I no longer am overcome with worry, anxiety, overwhelm or exhaustion. I realized that I was exhausted because of the fear that controlled me. It’s not all rainbows and daisies, but I now take responsibility for how I think when diabetes changes our plans!

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