Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Have you used your child’s diabetes diagnosis to build your strength as a mom?

Anti-fragility is one of those hot topics right now. I’ve heard it mentioned in three different podcasts this week.  It’s the ability to become stronger from a difficult situation. It’s taking a diagnosis of diabetes and allowing it to make you fierce, strong, better.

It’s not just becoming resilient. It’s better than that. It’s not just being accepting of the diagnosis. It’s utilizing the diagnosis as an opportunity to make your stronger. Wait…is that even an option? Can we be empowered by something that changes your life so drastically?

The answer is….YES!  There are three different responses to the diagnosis of diabetes. The first is one of being fragile. It is one that you allow diabetes to take control over your life. It’s one that leaves you with the feeling of being easily broken and wanting to avoid any new risks. The second one is of being robust.  It’s standing up to diabetes. It’s using power to resist the diagnosis and stand tall despite the diagnosis. The third one is to be anti-fragile (the new term is anti-fragility). 

Anti-fragile is to utilize the diagnosis of diabetes to grow stronger – not in spite of the diagnosis but because of the diagnosis. Being anti-fragile allows you to get good at overcoming obstacles, problem solving, and strengthening yourself.

Anti-fragile should not be confused with lacking compassion or not caring about diabetes. It’s the opposite. It’s allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions that come from a diagnosis of diabetes. It’s being open to all of it because you can handle it.

What if the diagnosis of diabetes is an opportunity to strengthen you in a way that would never have happened without the diagnosis? What if you approached every day from a place of curiosity and strength?

Perhaps you are like I was. I let the challenges of diabetes overcome me. I told myself I was too tired. I told myself that diabetes was just too hard. I used diabetes as a reason to be a victim – as a reason to be fragile – and I believed that was my only choice.

Then I began coaching myself. I taught myself some very important tools. I started to utilized my struggle with diabetes as a way to be a better mom, as a way to empower my son to be unstoppable, as a way to propel our lives forward.

Believing you have options on how your show up and on how you think about diabetes is the first step to moving from being fragile. Moving from fragile will mean understanding you will not break, you will not be defeated, you will not be broken. It will allow you to build strength. Moving out of fragility will be uncomfortable since you will take full responsibility of your life and no longer be a victim of diabetes.

You can use your child’s diagnosis of diabetes as fuel to fortify yourself, to fortify your child with a skill set that will permit both of you to overcome obstacles in life that you never thought possible.

Continue to challenge yourself and the thoughts you have about diabetes. Continue to utilize those challenges as opportunities to get stronger. Continue to accept all of the blood sugar numbers and the A1C values as feedback to make you the best possible mom ever.

Why not add anti-fragile to a list of characteristics you possess?

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