Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Have you found yourself apathetic, lately?

I know I have been. I start with these great hopes, ideas, and goals. Then I get really excited. Before you know it, I’m thinking that there’s so many other things in my life that I need to do (diabetes related) instead and I slip into apathy and don’t commit to completing my goal.

Especially, during this pandemic. It seems I can come up with excuses to not complete goals pretty easy. It’s easy to be apathetic.

Apathy is one of the biggest dream stealers. It’s always easy since we can never be really apathetic about diabetes so the rest of our lives we give ourselves permission to take the easy route. It’s easy to be indifferent about living the potential of our lives, our dreams, and our biggest desires. They seem difficult and hard.

It’s easy to think that being apathetic somehow keeps us safe. Why stretch ourselves out there to complete a big goal, when raising a child with diabetes, is a big enough goal. Our brain tells us to just stay in default mode and not risk doing something else hard.

What I try and think about is my potential. I think about the possibilities for my life. How much energy, thought and creation do I want to devote to this one life? If my answer is zero, or very little, I’m being apathetic. I’m stuck in apathy about my potential and my possibility.

I realize that when I feel apathetic I don’t want to take action. I don’t want to create anything in the world. I don’t want to move forward. Giving in to apathy feels like a relief, initially, because it doesn’t require me to do anything.

However, the cost is high in the end. When I give in to apathy, I don’t exercise self-responsibility, which is the most empowering thing I can do. Self-care, self-discipline, structure, organization, and love – these are all the things that make us stronger and help us to realize our own potential.

When you’re unhappy and you turn to apathy as a way of dealing with it, this can lead to depression. Instead of embracing unhappiness as a part of the human experience and feeling awful, we avoid it and slip into apathy. Then we miss the opportunity to live a life where we are connected and alive.

We often have apathy for things we believe we cannot change, but the truth is, we can change our lives when we take responsibility. We can always change how we are experiencing something by how we think about it.

It’s your opportunity to live your life however you would like. You can live in default and you can be apathetic about the possibilities, or you can be willing to feel concern and care about what really matters to you. Don’t accept apathy as an option.

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