Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Do you welcome appropriate discomfort or do you numb discomfort?

What is appropriate discomfort anyhow? It’s the idea that it’s normal and important to allow ourselves to be uncomfortable. If we can understand it, not just intellectually, but really apply it to our lives, it will change everything.

Marianne Williamson writes about our popular culture being a numbing agent since society is always selling us ways to be inappropriately comfortable. It’s like we are feel entitled to always be comfortable.

However, having a child with diabetes still doesn’t mean that we have appropriate discomfort since we all have a tendency to not be uncomfortable. We all try to change something external to make us comfortable. This is exactly what we shouldn’t do. When we are in a negative emotional state, we need to allow the emotion, not run from it by changing everything about our circumstances. When you are able to allow an emotion before you react, you prevent compounding that emotion.

When we are quick to change an external circumstance to resist the negative emotion we ignore what we are feeling. We need to know when we are anxious, depressed or sad so that we can adjust our thoughts, feelings and actions to get better results in our lives.

Being human means that we will suffer. When we can embrace that suffering is part of the deal, it makes it kind of pointless to diminish it. If one of the reasons we need suffering is to evolve ourselves, then to numb out the suffering defeats the purpose of being alive. Diabetes is an opportunity to feel all that the world has to offer. It’s an opportunity to grow and learn what you are truly capable of.

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