Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Are you too busy with managing diabetes to organize your mind?

How crazy busy is your life? You thought it was busy before diagnosis…now it’s insanely busy. No doubt. It’s probably too busy to be organized. I often have clients who have scattered thinking and their predominate thought is that their life is too busy to be organized.

The truth is that it is your mind that isn’t organized enough…for your life to be organized.

An organized mind always creates an organized life – internal organization always create external organization. If you can think about organization in this way, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Think about your mind like a house, and then take time to tour through your mind and see what’s in every room. This way you can “organize” room by room.

You will have rooms with memories, subconscious thoughts, judgements, negative self-talk, positive self-talk, plans, gratitude and so many more. If it feels like your brain is cluttered with thoughts, cluttered with judgements, negativity, facts, and overwhelming ideas; try and categorize them into ones you want to keep and ones you don’t. The thoughts that serve you and the ones that don’t.

As you spend time organizing your old thoughts decide if you want to bring in new thoughts, new ideas, and new plans.

Do you want to continue to keep thinking about diabetes in the same way? Do you want to keep living with the same brain, with the same categories, with the same thoughts, without any real conscious thought about what you are thinking?

Are you hoarding thoughts about diabetes, or judgements about other people, or about yourself that don’t serve you?

Here are a few questions to help you clean out and organize your mind:

What do you need to let go of?

What do you not want to think about anymore?

What needs to go?

What do you want to fill your mind with?

If you have limited mind power, what do you want to use it to create?

Your brain is the most powerful piece of technology on the planet!

Nobody has a machine that they’ve paid for that’s as exceptional as your own brain. And if you just let it get clogged up with old files, and you don’t clean up its desktop, you will feel the effects of that in your life.

Every day, you have to take out the trash!

That is what a thought download is…you download all of those thoughts – take everything out of the cupboards and put back only the stuff that really serves you, really satisfies you. That is the process of organizing your mind.

Do not be a thought hoarder! Do not let you mind be a mess!

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