Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question:  Do you get offended by the comments of others about diabetes?

There are so many times I’ve been offended by comments made by others about diabetes. I lost track of how many. I used to get so angry. I believed that their ignorance was something to be mad about. I believed that if I could fix all of the inappropriate comments I’d be happier.

Do you get those comments, too? Do you get angry about them? Does a comment from someone who should “know better” control your mood? Yep I get you! I used to do all of those things. Especially right after diagnosis. I was so angry that diabetes was in our life that any comment that I didn’t feel was appropriate would anger me.

I got tired of being angry. I got tired of blaming others for their comments. I got tired of letting the comments of others control my day. Yes I was letting them control my day. I was giving them permission to take control of my day. I was giving all of my power to them.

Once I knew that I was in charge of how I thought about the comments of others then I took control over my life. I took control over the ignorance of others. It’s not that I stop caring what others say. It’s just that I correct them in a way that doesn’t change my day.

I started being aware of how all of the comments about not eating sugar, about if we watched what our son ate he wouldn’t be diabetes were making me feel. I understood that every feeling came from a thought. I started to explore what my thought was that created all the anger I had from those comments.

I found out that the thought was that I was angry about diabetes being in my life and every time someone said something stupid it was a way for me to blame them, a way for me to be a victim of others’ comments. Of course, everyone agreed that I had a right to be angry but was that anger serving me?

Guess what? As soon as I realized that the anger was not helping me or my son I started working on how I wanted to respond. What I wanted to feel when someone made a comment. I decided on purpose that being offended only hurt me – only hurt my son. It gave him permission to not take charge of his own emotions.

Now when I hear someone thing that is ignorant or downright mean I pause and think about how I want it to affect me. How I want to respond? If I wanted to even respond? I started to just be curious about why people said such things?

I finally realized their comments were just a reflection of them. It only became a reflection of me when I let it control my emotions.

Yes there are times I want to be angry about what people say but only if it serves me. Most of the time it doesn’t serve me.

Be curious when you get offended. Figure out ahead of time how you want to respond. Keep all of your power! Show your child that they can keep their power!

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