Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Are you thankful for diabetes?

Crazy, right?  Being thankful for something as awful as diabetes…how can that be. Well, diabetes absolutely changes your life, but what if you could think about diabetes and be thankful?

How can that happen? Well, how does any feeling happen? We think a thought and it creates a feeling in us. When we think of people we love, it can create a feeling of being thankful. Everyone gets to choose their own thought that brings up feelings of being thankful. For some people it’s puppies, for others it’s running marathons, for others it’s waking up alive.

We all have a perspective of what being thankful is. We all have a particular lens that we look through that makes us thankful. What if your lens could help you be thankful when you think about diabetes?

Remember that your thoughts are always your choice. You get to choose how you think about diabetes. You get to choose a thought that serves you or a thought that makes you a victim. You get to decide on purpose how diabetes controls your life or you can choose to live on default mode and give diabetes all of your power. Yes, you can even live your life blaming diabetes for everything terrible in your life. I know because I did that for years.

Whatever you choose be sure to choose it with intention. Try not to live on default mode because living on default mode just means you are making a decision not to be in charge – not to be accountable, not to be responsible for the results in your life.

Choose the tougher road. Choose the one that takes courage and determination. Choose the one that says you are thankful for diabetes. Choose the one that understands diabetes can bring goodness into your life. You get to pick.

I was a victim of diabetes. I blamed diabetes (still do once in a while). Mostly I choose to be thankful. Thankful that we have the opportunity to be stronger, more loving, more committed, more understanding, and more devoted as a mom…because of diabetes. Do I have bad days, absolutely. Do I let those bad days dictate where I’m going in this life, absolutely not.

I’m thankful for diabetes. I’m thankful that my son and husband never complain. I’m thankful that they show me every day how to be a better mom and wife.

You can CHOOSE to be thankful, too.

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