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Today’s Question:  How are you managing Social Distancing and the Coronavirus?

It’s been a crazy week. The impact that the Coronavirus has had on our lives has been beyond incredible.  I started last week out in overwhelm. It seemed necessary. The panic seemed necessary. However, this week I began managing my life with constraint. Constraint may seem counterintuitive when it seems there is a shortage of food and supply but constraint will reduce the overwhelm.

What is constraint, anyhow? To me, it’s a limitation or restriction I put on myself that simplifies my life. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. At least not for me. I have a tendency to want to multi-task and manage everything at once. I then feel overwhelmed. By constraining and deciding ahead of time how I will manage my time and my focus I reduce overwhelm.

The reason that constraint is so important is because it reduces overwhelm. It makes decisions so much easier for me. Constraint is basically a rule that I set up for myself that helps me decide ahead of time how I’m going to find solutions and manage issues. It helps me decide ahead of time so last minute decisions don’t come into play.

Instead of managing all of the ever-changing issues that have come up with social distancing I decided to focus on one at a time. I decided ahead of time that life was going to be different and instead of thinking about how awful it all was I knew that I was going to manage one concern at a time. I was going to solve one issue at a time. It was difficult to stay out of panic and overwhelm, but I did it (most of the time).

You can learn constraint, as well. When you constrain your attention to one thing, you can be laser focused and disciplined with your mind. I have discovered that when I’m focused on one thing, I have more disciplined thinking, and my productivity goes through the roof.

Initially you won’t like constraint because you will want to keep your options open. You will begin to worry that you are missing out on something when you are focusing on just one thing. But keeping your options open is a huge mistake because you will have too many options. Too many things for your mind to think about.

Honestly, when you constrain yourself and make decisions ahead of time, it frees up your mind. Constraining the types of food you are eating, constraining exercising and physical health, and constraining social media all will help with managing your mind set.

When you make your decision about food, exercising, social media, etc ahead of time it will be easier to honor your commitment to yourself. Constraint reveals your ability to make a decision and keep a commitment to yourself.

It also reveals how your relationship is with yourself, and how willing you are to honor the commitments to yourself. I know that the more I honor my commitment to myself, the higher my self-esteem, and the better I feel about myself.

This week was absolutely challenging. I began each day with worry after reading about the new restrictions and concerns about the covid19. However, constraint completely allowed me to maintain composure and enabled me to focus on very few things at a time.

Having constrained to honor what’s important to me has been so much better than a lot of options and overwhelm.

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