Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you allow others to manipulate your emotions?

What is emotional manipulation, anyway? It’s the attempt to control how someone feels by manipulations what they think and believe. Ultimately, the attempt to control how someone thinks and feels is also an attempt to control how they act because thoughts create feelings and therefore, actions.

When others comment on whether or not our children should have ice cream or candy, when they ask if they are able to play sports, when they make all of those little comments about diabetes, we have the power to accept them as our own or deny them. We have the power to ignore or educate, to act with kindness or anger or respond in any way of our choosing – but we should always be consciously choosing.

We are in charge of whether or not they manipulate our emotions. Others get to say whatever they want. However, we have the power to determine if what they say changes our emotions. Yes we are in charge, ALWAYS. Whether you take conscious control over your response is another question.

It’s essential to understand that no matter what anybody says to you, no matter what thoughts they offer you to think about diabetes, you are 100% in control of whether you believe or take on those thoughts.

Emotional manipulation is misused because it sounds like it’s possible. We are truly not able to manipulate other people’s emotions, and they are not able to manipulate our emotions without our cognitive consent (consciously or unconsciously).

The key is cognitive consent. Many people go through life without fully taking control of what they believe. When someone says something about diabetes and it changes the way you behave this is emotional manipulation. If you are unaware of how the mind works, and you aren’t consciously managing your mind, you will be susceptible to manipulation and much less powerful in your life.

When people are trying to emotionally manipulate you, whether they realize it or not, it helps to understand that they are coming from a place of disempowerment. They are trying to control you so they can feel better, feel more powerful, feel a certain way.

The way you’ll know that you’re “allowing yourself” to be emotionally manipulated is you will probably feel a lot of resentment, blame, and anger.

It’s important, when you start feeling those emotions in your relationships, to look at your role in believing thoughts others are using to try and emotionally manipulate you.

You are responsible for how you think and feel, and no one can emotionally manipulate you without your permission. When you decide on purpose what to believe in any relationship or interaction, it will set you free from giving or receive any emotional manipulation.

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