Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Do you create more energy producing or energy depleting emotions?

There are so many types of emotions. I used to live my life on default mode. Allowing my emotions to be in charge of me. I, honestly, didn’t know I could be in charge of them and create the emotions I wanted with intention.

How do your emotions work? Especially raising a child with diabetes? Do you allow blood sugar numbers to create emotions in your life every day, every hour? Remember that all of our feelings come from our minds. We think thoughts that create feelings. When we discover this, we realize that we can change how we are feeling.

Most of my clients start creating feelings they thought they want to feel. They want to feel good all the time so they believe that thinking happy thoughts will give them a happy emotion all the time.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t work that way since the thoughts have to be believable. You can’t go from hating diabetes to believing diabetes is the best thing for your family.  The best way to create thoughts and feelings are to generate them ahead of the result you’d like.

Sounds complicated, right? Well it’s just a new thought process. Also the number one indicator of the result you will create is how committed you are to feeling that emotion ahead of time. If you want to know what your results will be, check with your emotions. If your emotions are energy-producing, you will create that result in your life. If your emotion is energy-depleting, you will not create that result in your life.

The best predictor of your results is how you feel right now. Check in with yourself. How do you feel right now about creating that result in your life? If you can decide what emotion will get you to the result you want in your life and then take action from that feeling you will create the result.

Your thoughts (which you are totally in charge of) create your results by generating or depleting the energy that you need to create those results.

Here are some of the energy-producing emotions that fuel creation: motivated, disciplined, excited, inspired, fascinated, intrigued, curious, engrossed, amazed, attentive, focused, courageous, energetic, optimistic, thrilled, exhilarated, communicative, active, vigorous, earned, cooperative, reliable, stable, and composed.

In contrast, here are some of the energy-depleting emotions many of us indulge in. Confusion, self-pity, disheartened, despondent, cheerless, stumped, depressed, and doubtful are emotions that are going to deplete your energy.

Generating emotion is a new way of thinking, but it is a skill that is 100% available to us.

Once you are aware of those energy-depleting emotions, you understand that the reason you’re disheartened or doubtful is not because of your results. It’s because of what you are thinking so then you can change your thinking. You can change your pattern of thought to think in a way that generates the energy you need to create the result you want.

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