Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Do you believe that happiness and diabetes can coexist?

What if in this present moment, you were able to experience all of the joy you are anticipating in some future moment when diabetes is cured or easily controlled?  What if you capacity for happiness right now is exactly equal to your happiness at some future point in time?

Believe it or not…right this moment, you have the ability to be fully present and fully happy. This is great news!  We have the ability to control our thoughts and choose joy and happiness in the present moment, if that’s what we want.

We often think this isn’t possible. We think that we need to put in our “dues” now in exchange for some future moment of happiness. If we can get through things now, and survive, we can delay happiness until the future, when our child has the “perfect” A1C, when our diabetic supplies ordered arrive on time and without five phone calls confirming insurance and scripts, when we have more money and more time.

The truth is that circumstances (diabetes, our spouse, our job) are never responsible for our happiness – it is always our thoughts that are responsible. Your ability to be happy right now is at 100%. Your ability to be happy in the future is 100%.

Using your mind is the most efficient and most powerful way to ensure happiness. When you realize that your thoughts create happiness the world becomes open to so many possibilities. I am not saying that we want to be happy all the time because we don’t. We don’t want to be happy when we have a low blood sugar or are struggling to manage insulin amounts.

What I am saying is that happiness is a mindset and you can create it any time you desire to have it.

Most of my clients then ask me why they should set goals then, if happiness is available at every moment. I tell them the reason to set goals are so that you have a purpose. Also you’re able to see what you are capable of by setting goals.

Setting goals is a way for you to evolve into the best version of yourself. Goals gives your brain supervision and structure. You will always be the one responsible for creating your results but goals is a way to create results with intention.

The one thing I tell my clients is not to believe that they will be happier when they achieve something or when they are able to purchase something. What you don’t want to do is tell yourself you will be “happier” in the getting of things. It is this false sense that happiness is created by things when it is always created by your thinking.

Try and challenge yourself to find the awesomeness of this moment right now. When you are tempted to look to the future for something and you tell yourself, “I can’t wait…” try and step back and ask yourself, “Why can’t I wait?” What do you expect to feel when you get there or get that item? Then remember that you have the ability to feel that way right now.

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