Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Do you have hard days caused by diabetes?

Remember that a hard day does not exist without your thoughts. Read that sentence again.

A hard day does not exist without your thoughts.

Days just happen. They are 24 hour periods of time. There are not hard or easy unless our mind thinks so. It’s not the day that’s hard or easy.

It is our thoughts about the day that makes it hard or easy. A hard day is not made by diabetes. That’s a crazy idea, right?

I used to believe that diabetes made every day hard. Of course, it did! Blood sugar numbers were difficult to manage. All of the supply ordering never went smoothly. It always entailed long conversations with my health insurance company and our endocrinologists office.

Of course, diabetes made my days hard. Guess what I realized? That diabetes was not responsible for making my days hard. It was my thinking that made my days hard.

I could choose to think any thoughts I wanted about my day. I could choose to be happy that we had diabetes and not some other disease. I could choose to think that diabetes made us stronger as a family. I could choose to think diabetes was a blessing.

The above thoughts were not thoughts I wanted to choose. I wanted to believe that diabetes made my day hard. I didn’t want to take responsibility. I liked being a victim. It was comfortable and it was what I was used to. It was a habit.

It was a habit I had to break. I learned a few tools. Tools that allowed me to be fully responsible, fully accountable for my life. At first, it was scary. I was afraid of being wrong.

What if I was not in charge of my thoughts? What if diabetes was in charge of my days?

I’m happy to report that my thoughts are in charge. That’s such a relief. I get to decide on purpose which days are hard and which ones are easy.

Somedays I think, “It’s going to be a hard day…” after a rough night of blood sugars…but I use that thought as a motivator. My next thought is “…And I can do hard things.”

Most people think “It’s going to be a hard day…” and use it as a reason not to show up, to hide, and to be a victim of diabetes. Their thoughts are controlled by blood sugar numbers. They use the numbers as an indication of the day they are going to have instead of using the numbers as feedback.

If you’re telling the story of a hard day, you can also tell a story of a great day because it’s there too. You’re just not choosing to focus on it. The day was just the day. Good and bad. Hard and easy.

You can choose which you’d like to see and focus on. You get to choose the lens you view your life through. Tell yourself the version of the story you want to choose.

You can choose to have no hard days. How? Choose only to focus on the good in every day. Of course, I don’t want that either. I want to think days are hard when life is difficult but I want to know it’s my choice.

I still have days that are hard, but I now know I’m choosing to think they are hard. Every day is 24 hours and neutral. I get to decide if it’s hard or easy.

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