Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes and YAY it’s my 100th blog post!

Today’s Question: Do you think that having a child with diabetes costs you your dreams?

I used to think that. However, I learned that what was costing me my dreams was confusion, doubt, and fear. It wasn’t diabetes. I realized that discomfort IS the currency to completing my dreams. It’s about being uncomfortable on purpose.

Confusion, doubt and fear all lead to inaction instead of fueling massive action. It’s massive action that leads you to your dreams. I understand that you are already taking action to manage diabetes but allowing diabetes to control all of your dreams is a choice. How I managed this was to pick one 30 day goal. Just one! Pick something you will DO and something you will CREATE.

The next thing to do is to write this down and will in the blanks with your particulars:

By (insert date and time), I will have completed and created (insert goal here). I will know I’m done because of (measurable stat).

Mine was: By (June 5th at 10 pm), I will have completed and created a book chapter. I will know I’m done because I get a finished chapter back from the editor.

Then answer these questions: Why do I want to achieve this goal? Why will I do it no matter what? Who will I be accountable to?

Now think about what the feelings are that you will need to feel instead of confusion, doubt and fear. You will need to replace them with feelings like: committed, excited, empowered, disciplined and willing. What is the thought you need that will drive you to action?

No brainstorm! Write down everything you need to do to accomplish this goal? Make a list on a blank piece of paper. The list does not have to be in order. Just write everything down you can think of. The more you can anticipate, the better.

Take that list and put it in order and then next to each one put ay obstacles you can anticipate stopping you from achieving that particular action. There will be obstacles and if you can turn each into a strategy you will accomplish your goal.

Create a final list of obstacles that will keep you from achieving your goal and the strategies you are going to use to overcome them. Turn each of the strategies into a skill you need to develop. Add it all to your list of to dos.

NOW…add it all to your calendar. Schedule it! You will not want to, but this will make everything so much easier. Take every single item and add it to your calendar. Be sure to schedule time for learning and for thinking. It all needs to be scheduled.

Remember that your future self will need to follow through on all of it, so be kind and thoughtful when scheduling.  1. Put the list in order. 2. Determine how much time everything will take. 3. Add it to the calendar on each day with time frames.

Believe. Commit. Achieve.

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