Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: How often do you practice thinking new thoughts?

Is practicing new thoughts even necessary? I think it is because it allows us to create new feelings and new results in our lives. If you’ve followed the foundation of what I teach – our thoughts create our feelings, which in turn drives our actions and then thus determines the results we get in our lives. Yes we are in charge of the results we get in our lives.

That’s the best news ever!  With intentional thoughts we get to decide how we want diabetes to impact our lives. However, it requires practice and effort to get intentional results.

Our brain wants to stay in default mode. It doesn’t want to think intentionally. It’s easier to stay with the same thoughts. The thoughts that tell you that diabetes is hard, the thoughts that say life is going to always be difficult, the thought that keeps asking, “why me?” “why my child?”

Our brain is designed to focus on what’ important and what matters and to filter out anything that isn’t. Once it determines what’s important it focuses on that, it becomes efficient and wants to focus on thoughts that are easy, delegating the thoughts to our unconscious mind.

This is awesome for driving and brushing our teeth but not for creating a new belief system around diabetes.  It’s like learning a new skill. We need to think with intention how we want to think about diabetes.

This process actually creates new neuropathways in our brain. There’s a three part process to thinking new thoughts:

  1. Becoming aware of your current thinking.
  2. Change it to what you want to be thinking.
  3. Practice what you want to be thinking on a regular basis until it becomes unconscious.

First decide how you want to think about diabetes. What’s the result you want in your life with diabetes as a part of it? Then figure out what thoughts you need to believe in order to create and feel and do what it is you want to do. Then make a list of those thoughts. Actually write them down. Check in with those thoughts and make sure they are believable and that they feel good when you read them.

Thoughts create results! Practice thinking the thoughts that will produce the results you most want.

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