Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Do you mistake fear for intuition?

A lot of the time what happens is that thoughts of fear and doubt and frustration get misinterpreted as intuition not to do something.

There’s intuition and then there’s negative thinking disguised at intuition. How do we access our intuition?

We have to clear up our negative thinking in order to access our true desiers.

I believe that our true desires are our guidance. I also think that a lot of us don’t even actually know what we want or like. We haven’t really stopped to think about what we want or desire.

We are too busy with blood sugars, ordering supplies, managing all of the different parts of diabetes that we never really think about what we want. Our desires are not going to come find us. We’ve got to go looking for them.

When I say go look for them, I don’t mean go out in the world. I think the best place to go looking is within yourself. The more work you do to clean up your mind, the more access you’ll have to your true desires. The ones that are currently covered in negative thinking.

Diabetes and negative thinking seems to go hand in hand. Right? It doesn’t have to. We can have dreams and desires but we have to take time and clean up our mind. It’s not for those who just like to live on default mode. In fact, most people would rather avoid it and turn off the lights to avoid seeing the “clutter.”

But when you really dig in and start to examine your thinking about diabetes you’ll discover that intuition you’ve been looking for.

By doing the thought work and really cleaning up your thoughts, you are better able to know what is just negative thoughts and emotions, and what is the truth.

The best question to ask yourself: “is what I’m feeling based in truth?” If it’s based in truth then it’s not just a negative thought. Sometimes our negative thoughts are disguised as truths but they are just sneaky little negative thoughts.

Do a thought download and decipher the facts from the thoughts. Awareness is always the first step.

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