Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Do you feel jealous of other moms who have children who don’t have diabetes?

Jealousy is the feeling that someone else has something we can’t have. Jealousy comes from a sense of scarcity. A belief that there’s not to go around.

Not enough of what? What do we want that they have? I used to spend most of my time jealous of other moms who didn’t have to wake all night checking blood sugars. I used to be consumed by all of the things that made my life different.

But I realized that the feeling that another mom has something I couldn’t have is ridiculous. I had a child who was incredible.  He could overcome any obstacle and had so much grit as a result of diabetes. It is within my capabilities to choose how I wanted to think about diabetes.

Did I want to think diabetes was something that we should hate? Initially, yes. But as time went on I didn’t want me or my family to go through life despising diabetes. What would that do for us? That thought would not serve us.

I knew that it was my thoughts about diabetes that were causing me to think that my life was not what I wanted or was by no means a vision of what I expected. I knew those thoughts were optional. I finally realized that my life was richer and more fulfilling because of diabetes.

I began to embrace all of the strength that I had because I was a mom with a child with diabetes. I began to realize that I was stronger and more capable because of diabetes. What was I jealous of?

Nothing. I had it all. I had a family who was brought closer by a disease. Diabetes allowed us to treasure each other at a different level. It created this support system where my four children became each other’s safety net. That happened because of diabetes.

The most common theme of parents that I coach is that they are jealous of moms who don’t have to worry about insulin, blood sugars, what their children have to eat and a whole list of the things we do as moms of children with diabetes. However, I’m here to tell you that jealousy is optional.

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