Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Do you say, “I don’t know” often?

When we say, “I don’t know” we are denying our own wisdom. It’s about not wanting to be conscious, no wanting to move forward, and not wanting to figure it out. “I don’t know” does not serve you. That one phrase blocks all access to your ability to discover answers.

Knowing something means you believe in your conscious thought. Not knowing means you’re not believing something or you haven’t made it conscious, yet. Instead of saying, “I don’t know,” I encourage you to say, “I’m figuring it out,” or “I’m finding the answer.”

The only way you can know something is by making the unknown, which is your unconscious mind, known. I suggest that you do a thought download. Unload all of your current thoughts onto a piece of paper for 5 minutes.  Pay attention to what’s going on in your mind.

What are your current thoughts? Are they something you feel in control of? What are your thoughts about diabetes? Do you control diabetes or does diabetes control you?

When we say, “I don’t know.” We are resisting and avoiding that thing. Our brain wants us to only do what’s familiar and efficient, so it tries to keep us in the known, the routine, and in efficiency. When our brain wants to explore the unknow there is a biological reaction of danger and fear.

The first step of going into the unknown is to refuse to say or think, “I don’t know.” Saying it stops your brain from looking for answers. One of the best ways to know something is to try a bunch of things that don’t work.

Become aware of what you do know. That’s a great way to begin lots of sentences. “Here’s what I know for sure.” Any time a question is asked of you and your knee-jerk reaction is to say, “I don’t know, “ instead say, “Well, here’s what I do know,” and start listing the things that you know instead of focusing on the thing you think you don’t’ know.

You’ll never know it, if you keep telling yourself you don’t know.

You either know, or you’re finding the answer.

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