Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes

Today’s question is: Do you think your life is limited because of diabetes?

Have you ever thought of how limits happen? How do limits come to be? Do you know that limits are a construct of our thoughts? Limits are something we impose on ourselves.

If you were like me…all of my thoughts, after diagnosis, went to all of the things we would no longer be able to do as a family.  Also my thoughts went to what he would not be able to do in his life. My thoughts created limits for him. What are your prevailing thoughts? Are they limiting?

Why does our brain automatically go to negative thoughts? Why does our brain in default mode go to limiting thoughts? It’s our primitive brain that takes over. It’s that our primitive brain is programmed to avoid pain, seek pleasure and conserve energy. 

The primitive part of our brain wants us to stay safe, stay limited so we don’t have to do anything too difficult like find a solution or overcome obstacles. It’s job is for us to just survive. Somedays it’s OK to choose survival but just do it intentionally.

How do we choose thoughts intentionally? How do we get out of survival mode? It takes time. It takes energy. It takes loving yourself. It can be uncomfortable but it’s so worth it. It’s been eleven years and now have the tools to manage all of my thoughts intentionally. I have the tools to intentionally choose what I want to think about diabetes. Imagine that? I get to choose what I want to think. I get to decide what limits I put on my life.

WAIT! Does that mean diabetes doesn’t limit my life? That is CORRECT!

For the first six years after diagnosis I lived my life in default mode. That was what I needed. That was the best version of me. I have no regrets but I do want to help you move through default mode, victim mode and to intentional thinking. Even if you want to stay in those modes…understanding you have a choice is empowering.

Some days I still want to be a victim of diabetes. Some days I just hate diabetes: when there are lows that I just can’t control despite my best effort, when I just want to be sad about my child having diabetes! I love myself through those days. Some days that’s the best version of me.

However, most days now I am inspired by what I can accomplish as a mom of a child with diabetes. Those days empower me. Those days make me feel happy. Those days are the ones in which I use my higher brain to get the results in my life I want.

Diabetes doesn’t limit me. Diabetes doesn’t limit my son. Why? Because we choose not to be limited. We choose our thoughts about diabetes that serve us. Ones that make us stronger and ones that propel us to be at least 1% better today than yesterday.

Are your thoughts limiting? Are you worried about your child going to college, being socially isolated, growing up and moving out, or the zillion other limiting thoughts that your primitive brain presents to you? I promise I can help! I helped myself through those tough years.

Want help dreaming big, despite diabetes? Want help not succumbing to limiting thoughts? Join me in a FREE 30 minute Exploration Coaching Session! It’s confidential one-on-one coaching.  Click here to schedule a free session by going to Book Now.

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