Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question: Is Self-Judgement part of your diabetes routine?

I’ve observed many moms who have a child with diabetes include self-judgement in their daily routine!  My clients all seem to have the same understanding, that if their child’s blood sugar numbers aren’t in range, it is their fault. It’s like blaming themselves will magically make things better.

There is no way blaming yourself will ever make anything better. There is no way that self-judgement makes your diabetes care any better.  Why do we as moms feel that blaming ourselves is ever the right thing to do?

I’ve contemplated that question for a long time. I used to be self-critical and self-judgmental about my diabetes care. That is until I was searching for answers as to why and found Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School.  This is when I learned that fueling better blood sugar numbers through blame and judgement just doesn’t work.

However, fueling blood sugar numbers from a place of understanding, curiosity, and compassion always allows for better results and personal growth. It also allows for us to show ourselves what we are capable of…

As a mom you are capable of great things. Diabetes is just a circumstance in your life. It’s something that you didn’t plan for and something that can cause you to be overwhelmed, full of anxiety and truly exhausted.

However, learning the tools I now have can allow you to find a balance in your life that includes you taking control over the effect diabetes has on you and your family. If you embrace the life you have now and stop fighting it and hating it, you’ll find more happiness.

The reality is…if you stop hating diabetes you will have a clearer mind to take control of diabetes. Also your child watches your actions and if your actions show them they should hate diabetes, they will think they should.  It’s truly understandable to dislike diabetes but there is another option that leads to a better life.

Do I have days that I still get upset that diabetes is in my life? YES and YES! However, on those days I choose to be upset. I know that I have a choice on how I feel about diabetes. Diabetes doesn’t dictate to me, I dictate to diabetes.

It’s been a privilege and honor to work with clients this past year. I love the community and the work I do has created results in so many lives. If you want to learn some of the tools I have to stop the self-judgement and blame over blood sugar numbers, join me in a FREE 30 minute Exploration Coaching Session! It’s personal and confidential one-on-one coaching.  Click here to schedule a free session

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