Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: What is the best feeling in the world for you?

For me it’s being proud. I love to feel proud of myself. I love it so much that I practice feeling it often.

It’s an emotion that I have to make a very conscious effort to create in my life. It isn’t naturally occurring in my life. Proud is the emotion and it comes from a thought. A thought that I need to create that’s believable. Having a child with diabetes certainly doesn’t make it easier to be proud. There are so many variables to our day that choosing one thing to be proud of is often difficult.

Take a minute to think about what would make you feel proud? Notice that it’s not the actual act of doing the thing that makes you feel proud – just thinking about it can bring you the feeling. Feeling proud of your ability to manage diabetes doesn’t mean you have perfect blood sugars every day. It means you do the best you can. You can be proud of yourself regardless of what your child’s A1C is?

Feeling proud is a gift you can give yourself. It doesn’t have to be based on anyone else or anything else.

We often thing that we have to do something first to feel proud of ourselves. I’ve learned the opposite is true. When we feel proud of ourselves, we often move forward to taking the action that will bring us more of the feeling of proud. I’m proud of the bond I have with my T1D. It doesn’t depend on what he thinks or feels. It depends on what I make it mean. The result I want from diabetes is a bond like no other because of diabetes.

Google says the definitely of pride is, “a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction as the result of one’s achievements.”

I think those achievements can be in the past, present, or future, and I don’t think they have to be huge. We simply have to choose to think about our lives in a way that brings up those feelings. We get to believe that because of diabetes we are stronger and better at being a mom than if diabetes never entered our world.

We don’t ever have to wait for someone to be proud of us. It’s our job.

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