Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question:  Most days are you taking more massive or passive action?

I believe that massive action is part of being a mom of a child with diabetes. Massive action is the action that you are going to take and continue taking until you hit your goal. Passive action is all of the learning, studying, and listening to podcasts that you do before beginning to move towards your goal.

Massive action also included the process of anticipating obstacles and being willing to fail and try again, and fail, and take more action, and do it wrong, yet try again and on and on until you reach your goal.

The failing over and over again requires that you keep your sights on the goal, and that you are willing to do anything to get there. You will continue to try different ways, you will fail, and you will continue to tweak your actions until you hit your desired result.

That is massive action, and it’s a rare thing. Maybe not as rare when it comes to moms who have a child with diabetes but I used to think all of what I did was massive action but it was really just passive action.

I wasn’t pushing myself to be more positive, more future focused. I was using passive action, which is all the thing that are done “in preparation for” action. All of the intellectual action (studying, learning, listening to podcasts) is passive action.

Passive action has to do with consumption. Massive action has to do with creation.

So, how do you know if you’re taking massive or passion action?

How many times have you fallen on your face?

When you are taking massive action, you will fall on your face again and again because you will be pushed up against your obstacles and forced to try big things. You will fail fast.

When taking passive action, there is no risk involved. You are hiding, and failure is avoided.

Keep taking action until you get the result you want. That’s massive action. It doesn’t feel good to fail but if you stay away from shame and blame after failing and just keep working towards your goal you will get there!

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