Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you have a New Year’s Resolution that involves mental fitness?

I used to only add going to the gym and working out to my New Year’s Resolutions but the last couple years I have been adding mental fitness to my list.

Mental fitness is making sure that you are continuing to work on personal growth and your mindset. It’s making sure that you are not just sailing along but choosing your life on intention.

We all have what I call, “primitive” or “default” brain settings. It’s what takes over when we don’t intentionally do the work to manage our thoughts and our lives. It’s the brain that is in charge and prioritizes the primitive triad.

It prioritizes conserving energy, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. This sounds wonderful when we were all living in a cave and on survival mode but now what happens is that our “primitive” brain argues for limitations.

Your brain wants to be on auto pilot. Your brain loves auto pilot. It loves to repeat the same work. However, there isn’t any growth or challenge on auto pilot. Your primitive brain wants you to go into overwhelm and confusion every time you go off auto-pilot.

Your brain is like a computer, a super sophisticated computer, but instead of programing it and upgrading it, you just run it on auto-pilot. This year think about a program upgrade. One that will help you start believing what you are really capable of….

Start to think about what it will take to prioritize mental fitness, not just physical fitness. Start to be aware of the things in your life you want to change. Start to think about new goals that you’d like to accomplish.

Awareness is the first step. Once you are aware then you can analyze what you’d like to change. Remember if you want to change you will need a compelling reason why. This reason will carry you through the difficult times when you aren’t sure if you really want to change anything.

I set a goal and after exploring the reasons I want the goal…I contemplate whether my “why” is compelling enough. Am I willing to do the work…to be uncomfortable to reach the goal.

The WHY has to come before the HOW. You will want to know how to do it before you figure out your why. The how just gets in the way of making sure you want it bad enough. If you figure out your WHY first, then when things get difficult you will continue to move forward towards your goal. The HOW will come when you want the goal bad enough. Trust me you will figure out how!

Put mental fitness on your list of things to work on this year. Mental fitness has value in taking charge of your thoughts and how you view the world around you.

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