Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question: Do you do the same thing every day expecting different results?

I definitely have days that I know what my goal is and for some reason I expect to reach that goal by doing the same thing I did the day before. I realized I’m never going to reach a new goal without doing something new, something I’ve never done before.

Do you have goals you dream about but continue to expect to reach by just dreaming about it? Do you expect to reach it without being uncomfortable?

If your goal is one that takes effort, one that’s worth working on, then you’ll need a new thought pattern to obtain it. You’ll need to examine your thoughts in order to achieve that new result. Remember that thoughts come from circumstances. The circumstance is that your child had diabetes.

Circumstances are always neutral. Your child having diabetes is neutral. It only becomes negative (or positive) when you have a thought about it. Guess what???  The thought you have about diabetes is optional. You get to choose that thought.

Crazy, right? Your thoughts are optional. Thoughts are just sentences in your brain. Change the sentence and you can change the results in your life. You can achieve that goal but just changing your thoughts about it.

What helped me was every night for one month I wrote down one reason I was grateful for diabetes. At first it was difficult, but it was a non-negotiable for one month, so I did it every night.

I started out with sentences like, “I’m grateful for diabetes, because it’s not cancer.” I moved to thoughts like, “I’m grateful for diabetes because I get to spend more time with my son.” Then I continued to, “ I’m grateful for diabetes because I learned how to do hard things and be proud of myself.”

Just try it. Start tonight. One sentence. You can do it.

After one week start to repeat the sentence in the morning to yourself. Start believing your thoughts. Your child will one day be grateful that you’ve set an example of how to embrace diabetes and make it a positive circumstance. Show them how to make diabetes something that are in control of…instead of believing that diabetes can control them. 

You can change your life by being grateful about anything, not just diabetes. Just try it. Start being grateful for your mother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your coworker, or whoever you find difficult to love.

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