Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Are you just floating along where ever life takes you or have you picked up your paddles and steering your life with intention?

We are all on this boat ride called life. Yep in a boat and you can just float along with the current and the waves or you can pick up the paddles and steer your life with intention. Will it take effort? Yes!  Will it be worth it? Yes!

It’s easy to just float along even through the storms of life but then we end up in this blame and shame game. We end up blaming others for the storms or feeling shame because of our inability to manage the storms.

We can spend our lives just get through the storms. We all have storms – both predicted storms and spontaneous ones. I used to just manage each storm as it came up. I used to manage in survival mode. I felt pretty good in survival mode but wasn’t really in charge of where I was going with my life.

What’s your life look like? Are you just managing from blood sugar to blood sugar? Are you just managing from supply order to supply order?

It’s a way of life that might work for you. I’m hoping that for our new decade coming up that you think about not just riding the waves and letting life take you and your boat where ever it might go BUT you decide to pick up your paddles and steer towards your life with intention.

How do can we pick up our paddles? It starts with awareness. Awareness of where you are and where you want to be. Take notice of what parts of your life you love and what parts you don’t.

Start to become aware of the parts of your life you don’t like. Those parts are ones you can change. Ones you can take initiative to alter. How do we alter them? We decide what we would like to change and then consciously decide what we want to change them to….what is it that you want instead.

Remember that we only become better at what we practice. If you have practiced for years (unknowingly) to have your life drift along and just survive you will need to consciously begin to practice different thoughts and different habits and actions.

But for now just be aware of where you are drifting and where you’d like to steer your boat to instead. Think about picking up your paddles and slowly venturing towards a life of intention. A life full of curiosity and intention.

You can decide to be curious about diabetes and its impact on your family. You can decide to stop being a victim of diabetes and make it an opportunity to take charge of your destiny.

Become aware of where you are and where you want to be…then let me help you start paddling towards your goal. DREAM BIG, my friend, and PADDLE HARD – it’s always worth it!

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