Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Can positive growth come from traumatic experiences?

Many clients have a hard time getting past their child’s diagnosis of diabetes. Traumatic stress is a very normal reaction to an extreme experience, but often it’s years later and they are still suffering from that stress. Are you someone who still feels the trauma of diagnosis?

Post-traumatic GROWTH is a positive change that comes from traumatic experiences. It includes dramatic breakthroughs and personal growth.

If you experienced post-traumatic stress, after your child was diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important to recognize that the length of that stress depends on how much you avoid negative emotions after the diagnosis. When you are newly adjusting to diabetes it’s not advisable to take on all the negative emotions, since avoidance can be an important survival mechanism.

However, long-term avoidance is a roadblock to managing your thoughts about the disease and can produce chronic stress.

Once you have become accustomed to managing the diabetes it’s important to experience the emotion of the diagnosis without avoidance – without being a victim, without hating the diagnosis, without blaming diabetes.

Post-traumatic growth, after diagnosis, offers you a possibility of a life that’s better than it was before. No matter what your past or present circumstances, there is always the possibility, the option, for growth.

Trauma can cause real suffering, but how can you use that suffering as the catalyst for growth? You can by transforming the meaning of the tragedy.

Ask yourself: Are you telling a story of diagnosis and defining yourself by that story where you are the victim? Or are you the hero of your story, after having a child diagnosed with diabetes?

The story you tell about diabetes will be the story that you live now. You have the power over how you tell that story, and how you tell that story matters. If you are a victim then you hand all of your power over to diabetes. You give up control over your destiny, over the results you want in your life.

You can decide to stop defining yourself based on you having a child with diabetes. You can create and contribute to the world in a bigger and better way because of diabetes.

Just think of the possibilities that are now available because of diabetes. Think about the optional thoughts you have to tell your life story with diabetes as part of it.

Think of the strength, the growth, the resilience….that you have because of diagnosis. The story you tell yourself about diabetes will be a story that your child picks up. Is your story one that you are proud of…one that you hope your child picks up?

It can be. You can begin today by changing your thoughts about diabetes.

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