Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Are you living a predictable life? (Yep…this photo is definitely not predictable)

What is predictable, anyway? Behaving in a way that is expected.  As parents of children with diabetes it’s important to be predictable in how we show up for our child. How we manage blood sugar numbers, always have insulin and diabetic supplies, keep juice and glucagon available at all times….along with lots of other check list items.

However, there are areas in our lives that we should not be predictable. We should not get up every day and do the same exact thing – even though our brains love it. They love to do the same things every day. They love living on default mode. It’s easy, doesn’t take much energy, and of course, we don’t push ourselves to do something outside of the norm.

What happens when we are predictable in our life goals. Do you think that others could predict what you will be doing in 10 years? I spent some time thinking about what my life would look like in 2030. I’m hoping you did. It’s worth some time.

Why spend time thinking about 2030? Because if you take control over your future, the future you…you can choose what you want to have accomplished. You can dream as big as you’d like. That’s what comes first…the dream!

After the dream…you can get to work making that dream come true. It won’t magically appear in ten years but if you think it and have a compelling reason for why you want it to come true – Guess What…it will come true. Yes you need a “HARD WHY”!

Believing something is possible and then thinking it enough that it becomes something that you can imagine for yourself….the “how” to accomplish it will show itself to you. It actually becomes possible and then your new thought becomes, “As good as done.”

I pick visions of myself that are outside of what I think is possible right now. I then look for others who have accomplished that goal. Yes, there must moms who have a child with diabetes that has accomplished a goal you dream of. Then let your brain begin to believe that it’s possible for you. Before you know it you actually start looking for ways to accomplish it and the “how” presents itself.

I always set goals from a place of excitement and abundance. I set them from a place of truly wanting them. Because when it gets tough and my default (primitive) brain wants me to just go back to being predictable I will need a big enough reason why to overcome those thoughts (In coaching lingo that’s the “Hard Why”!

I believe that you can step outside of what’s predictable for you. Set a goal of what’s not predictable in the next year? Set a goal that’s not predictable in the next 10 years?

Of course, living life as a mom who continues to predictably and unconditionally show up to manage diabetes is essential in building a bigger life that’s unpredictable.

I can help you with developing a life on purpose. Living a life that’s not predictable every day. You can take charge of your default brain. Join me for a FREE 30 minute Exploration Coaching Session! It’s personal and confidential, one-on-one coaching.  Click HERE and go to BOOK NOW to access my schedule or email me here to let me know what day and time works for you. Are you ready to see what you are capable of?

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