Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Are you using your prefrontal power to manage your diabetes or letting your automatic cerebellum decide for you in the moment?

We have two parts to our brain. Our prefrontal cortex, which is where we make conscious decisions and we have our cerebellum, which is our automatic consciousness and is efficient and already programmed.

Our prefrontal cortex is the most evolved part of our brains and it’s where our executive function occurs. It can decide ahead of time, create goals, envision dreams and devise plans.  It does things with intention. However it does use a lot of energy and effort.

Our cerebellum comes up with reactions, solutions, and actions very quickly without much energy involved. The brain likes to be efficient and it likes to expend as little energy as possible. It defaults to the pre-programmed brain whenever possible.

Because our brains like to be efficient, it likes to be familiar and comfortable. We have developed an attachment to the familiar in order to survive. The brain is not motivated to go in and re-evaluate things that it does efficiently. You have to direct your prefrontal to do that evaluation on purpose because it takes more effort and energy.

Many of us have neural pathways of desire that are in our brains, and we think those neural pathways are just part of our personalities. The fact is, we’ve learned to like something or not like something. Think about that automatic pathways that you have created in your brain that aren’t serving you. False desire is a neural pathway that produces a feeling of desire, but it’s not something you want, like the desire to overeat or overdrink.

Neural pathways are formed by paying attention to something and then repeating it over and over. You also can have a thought error in a neural pathway. It’s a thought that’s running in your brain that you haven’t looked at to decide whether or not it’s serving you.

Parts of our lives that we don’t care for and want to change, need effort and energy to change them. We need to activate our prefrontal power to change the old neural pathways. Slow, deliberate effort, consistently repeated is what changes the old habits in your life. It requires attention and repetition. It takes practice and effort.

If you want a different A1C result or if you want to stop allowing diabetes to dictate aspects of your life you have to use your prefrontal power to do that. You have to become aware of what your default setting is and then consciously go about changing it. Using small, simple, steps is the best way to change a habit.

Break it down to the smallest, simplest step and then slowly move forward with that step. Using your prefrontal power is what is necessary to move towards goals in the future. Your prefrontal planning power mode helps you make your dreams reality.

Use your highest executive prefrontal power to design your life instead of letting your automatic cerebellum decide for you in the moment.

Decide ahead of time how you want diabetes to impact your life. You can do that from a place of power and strength by using your prefrontal cortex or from a power of default using your cerebellum.

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