Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you feel productive in your life?

What is productivity, anyhow? The definition says it’s measured in terms of rate of output per unit. So even though that sounds like a manufacturing term, I think it relates to anything you are trying to produce in your life. This applies to us moms who have a child with diabetes.

Productivity does not refer to how much or how hard you work. It doesn’t refer to how busy you are, and it doesn’t refer to how stressed you are. All of that is irrelevant. So if your goal is to have some extra time, you’ll need to get more work done in less time to do that…and in order to do that you are going to have to manage your mind.

It doesn’t mean you need more hours in a day – that’s just not possible. What is possible is that you manage your mind so you have a clear vision of why you want that extra time, of why you want to be more efficient. You will never be more efficient without a reason why.

Producing results in your life creates more motivation, momentum, and energy and might I might add more time (if that’s possible). If all you are doing is putting tons of effort, stress, and busy time in and you’re not being productive, that effort and energy will wear you down and make you tired.

We only do things in our life because of the emotion we want to feel. The best emotions to generate (yes, we can generate emotions) in order to be productive are efficient, focused, and clear. Feeling clear initially does not mean your to-do-list is clear – it means the goal is perfectly clear. Most wasted effort comes from allowing yourself to indulge in worry and confusion about what your goal is.

With your goal clear here are the action steps to make productivity easier.

  1. Plan before you take action. Starting faster doesn’t get it done faster if you don’t have a plan.
  2. Give yourself a time limit. You cannot produce at a high level if you want to be a perfectionist. Allow for B- work.
  3. Clean up your thinking. Take five to ten minutes at the beginning of each day to clean up your negative thinking about what you’re going to produce.

When you follow this process, plan ahead of time, give yourself a time limit, stop indulging in perfectionism, and clean up your thinking first, your productivity will soar.

Step back and take a look at your own productivity and figure out what it is you want to produce. I wanted to produce a refined plan for ordering diabetic supplies. I researched ways to reorder online, ways to set up alerts for when I need to confirm orders (we all know how important it is to get insulin on time).

When you decide what you want to produce – remember that it doesn’t have to be some big, huge thing in the world. It can just be, “I want to spend 30 minutes a week reading (yes, a week)” or “I want to write in my journal once a week” – it’s doesn’t have to be “I want to organize my whole house” or anything like that.

What is it that you want to produce in your life? Produce as much as you can in a way that fuels you instead of wearing you out. A diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t have to wear you out. You want to switch from consuming all the time, which will wear you out, to producing.

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