Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Is your life how you imaged it would be?

I know mine surely wasn’t when my son was diagnosed with diabetes.  I had an idea of how it was supposed to be and that was the problem. The image of what my life should look like with four children did not align with my reality.

So I did what most of us do…argue against reality for years. I fought against diabetes because it wasn’t in any version of what I imaged for my life, or for my son. I realized I argued with lots of parts of my reality. Then I realized the reason I was unhappy was that my reality did not match what I thought my life should look like.

The next thing I realized is that there was no upside to thinking my life should be different than it was. The thought that someone else was doing it better than I was, totally didn’t help

I realized that no one is doing it 100% right, no one is doing it 100% wrong and no one had a better life. I realized that I needed to stop waiting for a better version of my life to start enjoying. I needed to stop waiting for my circumstance to change, for there to be a cure, an easier way to manage diabetes or something outside of myself to change to be happy.

I decided that I can have the life of my dreams, even with diabetes. I can have this human, imperfect life, and still be happy. However, I needed to stop living on default mode and start managing my mind.

I let go of the thought that my life should be good and easy. Also that it shouldn’t include diabetes.  Instead I expected it to be hard and to do the work necessary to be happy. I decided to stop arguing with reality.

Also I realized that the reason I was willing to do hard work was just not to be happy, but to learn and grow. I decided that just being happy wasn’t the goal it was wanting to change the world, wanting to contribute, and waiting to keep growing.

Diabetes, surely, allows me to do that.

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