Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Do you often feel regret when it comes to diabetes?

I used to feel regret about what I should have done. I would feel regret and make it mean something about me. I wouldn’t use it as feedback. I would use it as a way to blame myself.

Regret is a feeling that falls into one of two categories. The emotion regret could fall into an: useful emotions, or indulgent, not useful emotion.

Do you think there’s a way that regret could be useful? I figured out that I could use it to change my life. I understood that regret from blaming myself for something I did or didn’t do that happened in the past (it could be over blood sugar numbers, A1C, or a bolus) was not useful.

When you are constantly focusing on the past and arguing with it, that’s regret.

However, if regret is a quick flash of a moment, “Hey, I could’ve done that differently.” And then you adjust now, that is useful.

You have a choice: You can look back and regret or look forward and create. Which feels more productive to you?

A thought that I find helpful is: “What’s meant to happen does.”

It instantly dissolves the regret.

It removes the arguing about the past.

You won’t win arguing with the past.

What if you looked at an opportunity and decided, “I’m going to do this now, so I don’t feel regret later.”

Not that’s a productive use of regret.

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