Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you honor your commitments?

Discipline is your ability to have self-control and restraint against things your primitive brain desires. Your brain has a lower level (primitive) and a high level function. The primitive brain is the default and when you don’t pay attention to your thoughts and you let them run on default mode – they just want to take the path of least resistance and avoid any discomfort.

However, discipline brings freedom and a peaceful existence – along with discomfort and strength.

Willpower is part of discipline and it can be improved and grown. The more willpower you have, the more restraint you have, the more self-control you have, and the more discipline you will have.

Embrace discipline as the very secret to your freedom and to your success. Freedom to be in control of your life and not to live your life in default mode. Not to live your life always in response to what happened, but in control of making it happen. Discipline allows you to be proactive.

To create more discipline, set expectations and rules for yourself ahead of time, and then honor those rules. When you do this, you don’t have to use willpower and restraint in the moment of challenge. The willpower is already developed ahead of time.

The more you set up all of your decisions ahead of time, the less reactive you will be in the moment, especially when it comes to diabetes. Having a plan and sticking to that plan always gave me strength even if that planned changed. I still had a plan  – a foundation/structure from where I made decisions in place.

When you make a commitment and then honor that commitment to yourself by not giving yourself the option to optout or quit. That’s true discipline. I found success in this because it taught me to not make commitments unless I truly found value in what I was committing to. I no longer made haphazard commitments. When someone asked me to do something I used to just always say yes and then figure out whether or not I could follow through after I committed.

Practicing self-control, practicing restraint, is what makes you stronger. It’s understanding the commitment and then following through. It’s not saying yes and figuring out if the commitment will work for you.

The more you use your discipline and honor your commitments, the more willpower, restraint, and discipline you will have at your disposal to use to fuel your success and happiness.

When you honor your own decisions, you get better at it. You’ve practiced it. If you do it in one area of your life, you get better at it in all areas of your life. Discipline in one area applies to every area.

Using discipline by making a plan for yourself ahead of time, and then honoring that plan will create a relationship with yourself based on integrity and honor.

The more integrity you have with yourself, the better your relationship with yourself will be. You’ll be able to ask more of yourself and be willing and able to create more discipline and success.

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