Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Is self-doubt part of your diabetes management?

When you see a A1C within normal range do you think that self-doubt wasn’t part of getting to that number? It’s easy to think that when someone becomes successful at something that the self-doubt just leaves them. I believe that when we decide to grow and evolve to our next best self that self-doubt will be along for the ride.

In fact, I think that because self-doubt is part of the journey to grow and evolve that many people choose to not venture forward. They choose to stay comfortable right where they are.

Or does having an A1C within the normal range mean purpose, puppies and rainbows? Probably not. Does working towards a goal feel like sunshine? Not to me. It feels uncomfortable and it feels like work.

Don’t believe for one second that raising a child with diabetes doesn’t include self-doubt. Never tell yourself if you’re doing it “right” you wouldn’t feel self-doubt. Self-doubt comes along for the ride. It’s part of the process. Very rarely does pursuing your dreams feel like anything other than a lot of effort with self-doubt mixed in.

Where did we get the idea that we were entitled to an easy life? I’m not sure but looking back on my life before diagnosis (hindsight) my life was easy. I didn’t think it was at the time with four teenagers.

I now think that we are entitled to have the strength to overcome the obstacles on our path to the best version of ourselves.

Also, self-doubt is a choice. So while we continue to invite it along with us know that you can choose not to have it with you. You surely can “Doubt your doubt.”

I continually question, what has value in my life and what doesn’t. I encourage you to do the same. Self-doubt allows me to move forward on purpose.

Set a goal and your brain will go wild. That’s its job. To be efficient and challenge you when you set a goal that’s bigger than what you’ve ever done before.

Self-doubt is part of the process. It’s a natural reaction to growth.

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