Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Do you blame diabetes or someone else for causing you to feel a certain way?

Any time we think something (diabetes) or someone else is causing us to feel a certain way, we are not taking responsibility for our feelings. We are delegating that responsibility to something or someone else.

Self-responsibility means accepting that you’re the one creating your feelings. You will need to choose to take responsibility for yourself again and again. Over and over again.

On default mode it is easiest to blame something or someone else. It’s living our life without intention. It’s giving all of our power, our destiny, our agency over to whatever we are blaming.

I used to blame diabetes, but the day I realized it wasn’t serving me or my son I began working on taking self-responsibility. Owning that it’s my thoughts that create the feelings about diabetes.

Feeling angry at diabetes doesn’t help anyone. It actually does that opposite. It leaves me powerless.

However, once I took self-responsibility, I had a tendency to blame myself. Since I wasn’t blaming diabetes I began blaming myself. That wasn’t useful or surely didn’t serve me.

I began to just take responsibility for all of my thoughts about diabetes. I just became aware of what my thoughts were and didn’t blame myself for them. Then I told myself that nothing had gone wrong in my life when diabetes arrived. I’m human living a human life and there are supposed to be challenges.

I realized that I had the power to decide how I respond to those challenges. All of my feelings are caused by a thought which is just a sentence in my brain. I slowly changed that sentence in my brain (my thoughts) about diabetes.

It was a slow process but the best work I’ve ever done for myself and my family. I practiced taking self-responsibility. My brain (and yours) is the most powerful tool on the planet. By taking responsibility for everything your brain does, you fully reclaim your power and your ability to use it as a tool.

That is the best news ever!

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