Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes.

Today’s Question: Have you ever asked yourself, “So what are you making having a child with diabetes mean?”

Until recently I never did. I never thought I had a choice in what I made it mean. I thought that it was awful and I would spend my life being a victim of it. I thought that diabetes would control my world and the world of my son.

Guess what? I was wrong. I realized that our brain is a very sophisticated device that can take a lot of input and filters out what’s unimportant. What we tell our brain is important and it’s what our brain looks for. Our brain has to be told what matters. If it’s not told, it will just operate on default.

I operated on default for years. It was what I needed to do. However, there’s a better way. I realized that if you have a belief system you haven’t chosen consciously, your brain will continually look for evidence to prove those true.

I learned it’s important to direct our thinking because our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings are really the most important thing to us. Our brain’s main motivation is to feel less pain and to feel more comfort. Our thoughts are constantly creating our feelings, so we need to be aware of what we’re choosing to think. Most of us have no idea what we’re choosing to think. We’re just feeling whatever we’re feeling by default.

When you ask yourself, “So what? What are you making diabetes mean?” this will reveal your thinking. Just asking yourself this question can completely set you free because it makes you realize that everything after that question is the story you’re spinning. It’s not reality.

There’s so much power in becoming aware of your belief system and noticing what you’re finding evidence for. It’s a beautiful thing when we see evidence for things that make us feel empowered and positive, but most of us are using our brains to create evidence for something negative, and it’s bringing us a result we don’t want.

You get to tell the story of your life. That’s one of the gifts you have as a human being. You get to make up the meaning you give to everything. You can make it mean something wonderful and amazing, or you can make it mean something terrible and awful.

It’s your choice. So what are you going to make it mean that you have a child with diabetes?

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