Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Have you ever committed to studying yourself?

What does it even mean to study yourself? I never thought of studying myself. I was so good at blaming and being a victim of diabetes but not good at applying and practicing thoughts on purpose.

I was going through life unwilling to study myself, and unwilling to show up in a way that uncovers my default mental programming, which hated diabetes. I was living based on thoughts that had be programmed inadvertently, and therefore, I was feeling a bit out of control. I wasn’t controlling my life – my life was controlling me.

What I did was to become aware of what I was thinking, evaluate it, and make sure I was thinking on purpose. Everything related to diabetes was on auto pilot. I hated it all. Diabetes chaos was what changed my life and I honestly wanted our lives to go back to our pre-diabetes life.

However, that’s not going to happen. So phase one of studying yourself and taking charge of your life is to understand the general concept that thoughts create feelings. Phase two is really getting some insight into your own specific thoughts, and how they’re causing your specific feelings. Then the next phase is really deciding to think about circumstances differently. The only thing that makes a circumstance negative or positive is how you think about it. Diabetes isn’t negative or positive until you have a thought about it.

The next phase is understanding that all emotions are harmless. You can experience any emotion, and you are the sole cause of your own emotion and other people are the sole cause of their emotions.

The last phase is really deciding what you want your results to be and manifesting them. If you think about any result you want in your life, you can figure out a way to get that using believable thoughts.

The last phase is to be able to pick and choose exactly what you want in your life and know ahead of time that you WILL accomplish it. This creates a sense of confidence, happiness, and joy that will underline everything you will do. Even when you are challenged, and even when you are uncomfortable, you will have that underlying peace and confidence that there’s nothing in the world that you can’t do.

The more you study yourself, the more you practice what you want in your life, the more you visualize, put yourself out there, and are willing to make mistakes, the more you can conquer the negative thoughts surrounding diabetes.

If you’re committed to managing your mind, committed to managing your emotional life, committed to managing your actions, there is literally nothing you can’t create in your life.

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