Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Have you fallen into a cycle of feeling bad about yourself?

A perpetual cycle of negative thoughts and emotions can be classified as self-loathing. An easy way to diagnose self-loathing in yourself is to notice your thoughts when you look in the mirror or at a photo of yourself.

A consistent barrage of negative thoughts causing feelings of inadequacy or shame might indicate self-loathing.

Years ago every time I took a blood sugar and the number wasn’t in range I would feel like a mom who just couldn’t keep it all under control. A mom who was responsible for everything when it came to diabetes. If something outside my control (and diabetes has so many variables that control numbers) took blood sugar numbers too high or too low I would blame myself. The pressure was stressful and did not serve me.

Now every time I look at a blood sugar number I look at it as feedback. It’s just a number and I get to choose what it means about me. It means I’m a good mom doing my best.

Increase your awareness by noticing how you think about yourself in various situations. When you’re in a relationship, when you’re at work, when you’re hanging with friends, what is your opinion about yourself?

Your opinion of yourself will determine how you feel and what you do, which will either increase or decrease the evidence you’re using to justify judging and blaming yourself.

A lot of time, when we think there’s something wrong with us, we think that’s just an observation. We think that we aren’t a good mom because the A1C value is not what we want. Guess what the A1C value is just a number, it’s positive or negative depending on what we think. It’s an optional thought.

Can you come up with 12 things you appreciate about yourself? The harder this is, the more important it is to try. It can feel like a struggle at first, but remember this: you get good at what you practice.

If it’s hard to come up with 12 it just means you need more practice. At first, you may come up with just 5 things, then maybe 7. Each time you will get a few more than the last time. Keep practicing. You will get better at it.

Decide on purpose what you want to think when you think about you.

Remember practice makes you better at whatever you practice. If you practice saying negative things to yourself you will get better at that. If you practice being kind to yourself, you will get better at that.

Practice appreciating yourself. It’s the opposite of judging yourself. Try a little self-gratitude.

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