Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Have you taken time to design your future?

When it comes to diabetes we prioritize all of our diabetes to do lists. We make appointments, we test blood sugars, we get blood work, we order insulin and supplies, among all of the other aspects that need managing with a child who has diabetes. But do we manage our emotional health? Do we consciously decide what results we want in our life?

Managing a child who has diabetes can be exhausting and overwhelming! It’s essential that we prioritize keeping track of how we are feeling. We have a higher incident of clinical depression and what’s now called diabetes distress.

How do we help ourselves? How do we make sure we become aware of changes in our emotional health? How do we not go through life blaming diabetes for everything that goes wrong? How do we avoid burnout?

For me…I found a life coach! I learned some tools that I apply to my life every day. I apply them daily and take full responsibility for my life. Is it easy…no but it’s worth it. It’s been worth it to have control of the results in my life.

I continue to talk it out with my coach. I continue to work very hard to not get caught up in my to do lists. It’s definitely more comfortable for me to just keep busy and not plan my life. It’s easy to let life just pull me along and not consciously make decisions that include personal growth.

I continue to remind myself that diabetes is an opportunity to be stronger. I continue to remind myself that there’s a reason why on an airplane we are told to put our oxygen mask on first, if there’s an emergency. Living with diabetes means that “self-care” is not just in case of emergencies. Self-care should be prioritized every day.

Self-care and being coached is not just a way that I grow but it’s a way for me to show my family  that prioritizing themselves is essential to a balanced and fulfilled life. Making a commitment to yourself and showing up every week to monitor the GPS of your life is an incredible gift to yourself.

How can you possibly get where you want to go in this life if you don’t take time to explore what you want your future to look like? Let me help you explore what you want your future to look like and then design a life to get you to that future.

Find out how incredible a life coach session can be by joining me for a FREE 30 minute Exploration Coaching Session! It’s personal and confidential, one-on-one coaching.  Click here to email me a day and time that works for you !

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