Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you believe it’s powerful to pivot?

I used to believe that to pivot meant to dodge or to avoid something because you were afraid. I now BELIEVE that to pivot means to be courageous enough to take action towards a future vison of yourself.

Is it easy to pivot? If you are pivoting with a mindset of avoidance…then yes it’s what your primitive brain wants you to do. You brain wants and encourages you to take the easy road. It wants to feel safe and comfortable.

Is it easy to pivot? If you are pivoting to a better vision of yourself…then no. It’s not comfortable or easy, but it’s worth it. The reason you don’t like taking action towards your future, a big successful future, is because of a thought you’re choosing. That’s crazy, right?

Every thought creates a feeling. You do something or don’t do something in this life because of a feeling you want to feel or a feeling you are avoiding. You pivot away from a big future dream because you don’t want to feel afraid and maybe shame if you don’t reach it. You pivot towards watching Netflix because it’s comfortable.

Well I say pivot towards the feelings you are afraid of….be willing to experience them. If you are willing to dream big, think big, I’ll guarantee that you will grow stronger and more resilient.

If you aren’t currently taking action, it’s because of your current thought.  Find that thought now. Find the feeling it’s causing. How you feel is ultimately determined by you. You have the power to determine your feeling by the thought you choose.

So how do you take action? You change your thoughts. You first have to notice them. You first have to be aware of them. Pay attention to your thoughts. Think intentionally.

What else needs to happen for you to change your thought? You need to act slowly. First, explore what you are currently thinking then what that thought makes you feel. Ask yourself…”How is this thought making me feel?” If you like the results of that feeling then keep it.

If you don’t like how it makes you feel or the results you are getting in your life…then you always have the option of changing it. Every thought is just a sentence in your brain. So change that sentence to one that makes you feel a way that serves you. A feeling that helps you take massive action towards a result you want in your life.

I used to think that diabetes was the absolutely worse thing that happened to me and my family. That thought made me feel angry and resentful.  My primitive brain found lots of evidence that I should be angry about diabetes. However, the thought made me feel like a victim and from there my action was to show up every day like a victim of diabetes – as you might guess that did not give me the results I wanted in my life.

I changed that sentence in my brain after being curious as to what other thoughts about diabetes were available. I now think that diabetes is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I started looking for evidence in my life that the thought was true. Once I started looking for the evidence…guess what? I found it. I found that diabetes helped us with overcoming obstacles, it created unbreakable bonds between siblings, it allowed us to prioritized each other. The thought created a feeling of empowerment and my new action was to set out to be the best version of myself. To stand tall with diabetes every day (at least most days). The results were incredible.

What results do you want in your life that you don’t currently have? Do you need to pivot your current thinking to make those results a reality?

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