Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Is your life just happening to you or are you planning the results you want?

I was going to title this Planning Your Life but it didn’t express how I feel about planning. The power of planning is evident in my clients’ lives – thus the title. The best news is that you get to plan your life.  Your life does not just happen to you, unless you live your life on default mode.

You get to design the GPS of your own life. You get to decide where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, how often you want to stop, how far you want to go…you get to plan all of it.

I understood it intellectually, until my son was diagnosed with diabetes.  I became was so overwhelmed that I let my life move forward on default. I believed it was easiest, if I just sailed along. There was so much to learn and so many things to consider having a child with diabetes that planning my life was not even on my radar.

However, there came a day when I realized that my life was moving forward whether or not I took charge of it. Planning my life and the results I wanted would have to be a conscious choice. It would take time and it would require me to be uncomfortable if I wanted the big goals I started dreaming about.

The first step is awareness. Just be aware that you get to choose which direction you want your life to go. If you’re the one responsible for planning it, you will have to make a decisions to take charge, plan it and take full responsibility for it.

It means no more blaming diabetes, no more being a victim of diabetes, and no more letting life happen to you.

  1. Plan for your outcome, the result you want in your life, by writing it out.
  2. Break it down into manageable chunks.
  3. Write down all the obstacles you anticipate for why you can’t achieve it.
  4. Turn all the obstacles into to-do items.
  5. Put those to-do items in order of execution.
  6. Then put them all on your calendar.
  7. Every day honor your calendar and commitment to yourself.

Remember energy drain comes from indecision and lack of planning. Making decisions provides relief. Being in indecision creates agitation, anxiousness, and all sorts of negative emotions. So many of us don’t make decisions, plans or move into action, and that indecision drains more and more of our energy.

As soon as you make a plan, you will know exactly what to do. Once it’s on your calendar, the decision will have been made. Then you will have more energy to proceed to get the life you dream of.

Many times we don’t make a decision because we are not sure, and we think we need to take more time. Indecision pretends to be responsible, but really, it’s just procrastination. All it does is burn you out and wear you down then when you finally make the decision, it’s usually the decision you would have made in the beginning anyway.

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