Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: What fuels your goals?

When you are pursuing goals is the emotional fuel that drives your action to move forward fear, inadequacy, or frustration – or is it curiosity and energy? If your emotional fuel is negative, you will feel exhausted and stressed out. That emotional fuel will wear down and you will get burned out. However, there is another option.

Can you imagine managing of blood sugar numbers from a place that comes from being energized by it? The different between coming from a place of fear or a place of energy is what’s fueling you…and that is controlled by your thinking.

Sounds crazy, right? Your thoughts creating energy and being energized by diabetes, who knew? Well most people don’t. They live in a perpetual state of giving up, mediocrity or a constant state of busyness. You don’t have to be afraid, frustrated and exhausted.

There is another option. That is the option of productivity, creativity, and results. This option generates a life of contribution and satisfaction. This option builds resilience but it generally comes with some discomfort…it comes with personal growth.

When you are in the pursuit of goals there are so many reasons to stop, question everything, and take a break from it all. I get it. Most of us have low tolerance for discomfort. As soon as it gets uncomfortable we give us. I understand diabetes is a lot to manage but you can manage it from a place of abundance, from a place of joy. It’s possible!

Here’s the best news. You can do hard things (manage blood sugar numbers) from a place of joy. You can do hard things from a place of abundance and excitement. It will just take a change of mindset. The status quo won’t get you to new personal goals.

Have a reason for what you are doing and why you are pursuing a goal and when you feel that discomfort you will come from a place of abundance and keep moving forward. Just keep moving forward. So pick your goal, and manage your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions as you achieve it. Manage your thoughts about diabetes, understand your purpose for doing what you’re doing, why you want your goal and then go after it.

Make sure you are being driven by positive emotion, not by fear.

You will feel uncomfortable, you will get frustrated, you will have negative emotion along the way, and you have the ability to manage it all. But make sure you are doing it not from a place of anger or frustration. I can help provide you with the tools to be curious…to be energized by diabetes.

Do it just for the joy of it. Do it because you are curious about your ability to achieve something amazing.

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