Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question is: Do you have a mental list of what you should and shouldn’t tolerate?

Before you can figure out what you will or won’t tolerate, you should clean up your mind. Clean up your thoughts. Get to a place where you are responsible for your own emotions. Once you get to that place, you get to decide what your response will be to someone else’s action.

When someone else does or says something you get to decide whether or not you tolerate it. That’s in your control. My suggestion is that you think about the result you want before you make a decision.

Weighing the result you want keeps you in control. It means you get to retain all of your power in that situation…instead of giving it away. When you decide the result you want then you will then know what action you should take. From the action you will understand the feeling you will get and the thought that will give you that feeling.

To tolerate or to not tolerate comes from a thought. It’s a thought that creates the feeling you desire that triggers the action and which reaps the results.

I always have a few basic things that were at the core of my thoughts – they are unconditional love, health and happiness – along with personal growth, curiosity, integrity and purpose. Those are my core strengths and desires.

Do you have core strengths and desires that are your GPS to what you will tolerate? I developed a personal mission statement a few years ago which makes its easier to guide me on what I will and won’t tolerate.

My mission statement evolves. It has changed a few times – adding things that become important to me as I grow and life changes.

Do you have a personal mission statement that is the basis of what you will tolerate?

When it comes to tolerating things what’s essential is you decide on purpose. You decide with intention. You decide from a place of freedom. Remember you are 100% loveable and worthy. What you tolerate from others about diabetes needs to be thought about. Yes, sometimes it’s instinctive. It’s your momma bear instinct coming out and lashing out, but the best way is to come from a place of power, a place of intention, and a place of control.

What’s important is that you don’t ever make a decision based on what you think other people think you should do, or what you think society would say you should do, or any preconceived ideas about what the other person should or shouldn’t be doing.

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