Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes!

Today’s Question: Have you ever struggled with change?

Why don’t we embrace change? It’s because change is hard and we don’t want to be uncomfortable. It’s not just the diagnosis of diabetes that’s hard but it’s the thought of a lifetime of change that diabetes brings with it. It’s change of a mindset of wanting to not be angry about the diagnosis.

Being angry is easy. Thinking that diabetes is so awful, just so unfair, is easy. But thinking that diabetes has a purpose is hard. Change is hard but builds our resolve. Change makes you stronger.

You may ask….why should you do hard things? Why should you be uncomfortable when it’s so much “easier” to stay just where you are, thinking exactly what you are thinking now….because setting goals and seeing what you are capable of is empowering. However, I believe that starting change is always the hardest.

It’s always the beginning that’s most difficult – the beginning of embracing a CGM or Looping. It’s hard and it’s uncomfortable.

It’s actively pursuing a better version of yourself that is hard. The word “actively” puts you in change and also means there is work to be done. It’s optional work and that’s the issue. Most people don’t choose to do the work. They don’t choose to be uncomfortable, but for the ones who do there is something exciting about seeing what you are capable of…seeing what your limits are…or if you have limits at all?

So why is this so challenging? Why the struggle? Because you have a primitive brain (a powerhouse between our ears) that continues to tell you to stay safe, not do difficult things, to protect yourself, to not fail.

Your brain loves what’s familiar since that’s what comfortable. It loves instant gratification and there is so much available all day every day. What I’d like to suggest is that you invest in change even though it’s hard. Invest in your potential.

How about going from thinking something is impossible, to thinking about the possibility of it and then knowing it’s inevitable? Think right now that all of the possibilities of your life exist. If you haven’t ever examined the possibilities of your life then I’m asking you take time to do that. What is possible for your life?

What is possible with a child who has diabetes? Are there limitations? Are there benefits? Are there advantages? I want you to consider the options? Consider the options of thinking that any future can be created.

What will it take to create that future? It will take a new way of thinking. It will take creating a future with new thoughts. That primitive brain will want you to create a future based on your past. How can you create anything new from the past? You can’t.

Explore what is possible. You will have to give up the thoughts about diabetes being so difficult. The past thoughts that this is the worst thing that has ever happened to you and your family.

You will have to give up being a victim. Being a victim is easy. It’s easy to blame diabetes. If you want to take your life to a new level you have to challenge yourself. You have to be willing to transform your past thoughts about diabetes into new ones that serve you…new ones that are useful.

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