Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question:  Are you feeling worried and anxious about the Coronavirus?

I hear you! I am too, or at least I was until I stopped and sat still for a moment. Initially, I went into panic mode. Calling a pharmacy in Canada asking if they had insulin and if I needed a script. The answer was no I didn’t need a script and each vial was $45.00 Canadian.  I was ready to make the 3 hour trek.

I paused. I thought. I halted the panic. I started to search for what my biggest concerns were and then how to manage those concerns. The answer didn’t come through worry. Worry wouldn’t find me solutions. I decided that there might be another option to secure extra insulin. I called my insurance company.  Yes they would approve an extra 90 day supply of insulin. I still have an option of driving. I then started to think of other possible long term issues and finding solutions to those.

Thinking and planning worked. Worry didn’t work….for me. I’m not sure what will work for you. What I am saying is that you have a choice as to how you want to think about what lies ahead.

What mindset do you want in the days and weeks ahead? Be curious as to why you are feeling the way you are. Ask yourself, “How would I choose to feel, if I had a choice?” You may choose to be worried. You may choose to read and educate yourself. You may choose to panic. You may choose to not care. It’s all available to you.

What thoughts are the ones that will serve you the best? What people in your life will support and empower you? What do you want your child to remember about this time?

I always tell my clients that if they were at a dinner party (not likely any time soon), but if they were and there was a silver platter being passed around with a whole bunch of emotions which one would you choose today? Which ones will help you find solutions? Which ones will help you find strength? Currently, I’m choosing strength, calm, compassion, and empathy.  I’m not sure about tomorrow but I do know tomorrow it will still be my choice.

If you look at Martin Seligman’s work on positive psychology it’s your mindset that determines the outlook. It’s your mindset that determines your reality. It’s not what’s happening outside of you that creates your reality. It’s your thoughts about what’s happening that does.

It’s possible to just start savoring your positive experiences and extracting the maximum positive emotions from them. Maximize your happiness with thoughts that you intentionally choose.

Let the worry go and work on finding solutions to what you are worrying about.

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